Justin Timberlake And Cameron Diaz Attend Lakers Opener

star and his girlfriend, actress Cameron Diaz, watched the Los Angeles Lakers defeat the Dallas Mavericks 109-93 in their season opening NBA game in Los Angeles on Tuesday (October 28). Check out pictures from GettyImages.

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8 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake And Cameron Diaz Attend Lakers Opener

  1. rachel says:

    Oh they do look really good together. haha I still wouldn’t believe Justina is all into girls until he gets married. Lol, I might not even believe it then.

  2. olivia1984 says:

    Even though everyone says that they will not last, I strangely believe they will. Anyways…. they look cute together, they really make a cute couple.

  3. iverson_babygurl_3 says:

    yuck, shawty don’t look good wit her. as much as I hate Britney they looked better together, except I don’t want him wit a ditzy blonde cheating whore. Cameron may not cheat but the girl is still a ditzy blonde whore. I don’t have a single problem with CHRISTINA, tho. that’s my girl right there and she and JT are perfect together! hey what up wit that accident wit Justin I’ve been hearing about. I hope nothing bad happened to him. I need details. hell yea! the Lakers are back! (but Iverson is still the best!)

  4. justincaseyestwo says:

    Why would he leave her? Especially now? Look at all the connections he is able to make by being with her. Producers,etc. If he wants to go into acting then she is the key. He’s got it made. She does too. If she wants to go into singing then he is the key. They can use each other to get what they want. What a perfect setup.

  5. muzik_luver says:

    I’ve never been able to like her…even way before they started ‘dating’. But those pics are cute and the look like they have a blast with each other…I’m jealous of her…lol…hell I’m jealous of those cheerleaders that get to sit next to him..lol. As long as he’s happy (which he looks) than I’m happy.

  6. Ghetto_chick03 says:

    Although I will never ever like Cameron, Justin looks happy and that’s all that matters.

  7. Musiic says:

    Hmmmmmm…..*says in the back of my head* Break up, break up, please break up. They look kinda cute. I say get with a sister. Justin would look good with a black woman on his arm. His lying ass “My crushes are Halle Berry and Gabrielle Union”…Yet, he’s “dating” Cameron ‘Non-acting’ Diaz.

  8. JnChrisFan1 says:

    Y’all I have to admit, its kinda sad….It seems like it was just yesterday when Justin and Britney were at the Lakers game and now after all that’s happened…..Well, its kind of depressing even though I did not like Britney and Justin together cause she was all up on his nuts everywhere he went, but now he has Cameron Diaz which she is now getting on my nerves as well cause she is all up on him like Britney was, damn cradle robber….I wonder why he never takes her to like awards shows or anything, but you always see them at the after party, I wonder if they are all that serious as they seem to be, I don’t know

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