Justin Timberlake And Cameron Diaz Go Public

The Evening Standard spoke with an onlooker who spied star and Cameron Diaz holding hands outside the New York nightclub Suede, convincing him they are a true couple, not a publicity stunt. “They seemed very relaxed in each other’s company and remarkably affectionate considering they knew they were being photographed,” the onlooker remarked. “A lot of people thought their relationship was a stunt to publicize Cameron’s ‘Charlie’s Angels’ film. But it looks like there’s a lot more too it.”

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8 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake And Cameron Diaz Go Public

  1. dazeme11531 says:

    Yup uh huh…..sure……well it could be true but I still think Cameron’s robbing the cradle! I mean Demi and Ashton are one thing, but Justin and Cameron…c’mon! Cameron should be getting married soon anyways…she’s thirty! Justin’s not gonna wanna be tied down or he wouldn’t have dumped Britney!

  2. Stallion says:

    I could see the chemistry at the kid choice award when Cameron gave Justin that burp award I didn’t really think about it until the rumor about these two going out start coming.

  3. JtSbabygurl013181 says:

    I think that Cameron is just following her costar wit the younger men, and JT should see through her fake sh!t, but I hope, and think, that it wont last very long, but Justin isn’t gonna wanna be married etc, but Cameron is gonna wanna, because she is already 30, so I think that they are just a funny couple, but JT is still a major hottie!

  4. collins_xtina says:

    Ohhh please Justin not Cameron!

  5. babet says:

    Oh god don’t make this last. Justin..please get with someone your own age. this is kinda gross.

  6. justins_honduran_honey says:

    i think personally anybody but Britney is ok because he’s too good for all that sh!t he went thru with her, but I’d like to see him with some1 his age (or younger ::hint hint::) lol but whatever, its his choice and as long as he’s happy then its all good. :)

  7. prettyblue says:

    Justin I know your such a cutie!!! Cameron I know such a ugly *****!!! Justin get some girl that same age like Britney!!! Justin and Cameron is like sister and brother!!! I pray everyday to god that I wish they will break up they not made a great couple!!! And I wish Justin will get back to Britney cause they have their relationship 3 years 1/2 you can work it again I know you love each other since you split up and you parents know each other!!! See when Justin was on mickey mouse club he’s 13 and Cameron was 21 see that’s weird and now Justin was 22 and Cameron was 30. Its better Britney cause she’s 21 and they know its other each since their childhood.

  8. devil_of_the_paradise says:

    hey peeps he likes mature and older women! don’t you know that?

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