Justin Timberlake Breaks Cameron Diaz Into A Lather

The Glasgow Daily Record reports police shut Club Suede earlier this week to investigate after a fan was allegedly thrown to the ground while trying to take a picture of star Justin Timberlake, who was dancing up a storm with galpal Cameron Diaz. A witness says the actress had to mop her face and her top was dripping as the pair left the club’s dance floor. “It all seemed too much for her – but I’m sure there were plenty of other girls who would have taken her place,” the witness remarked.

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3 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Breaks Cameron Diaz Into A Lather

  1. lancesdevil3 says:

    Justin isn’t a *****. now on the other hand your BSB because ummmmmmm I hate to say this but Howie is a ***** just look at him its written all over his face.

  2. Stallion says:

    Talk about a fake story. Even if it was true than who bring a camera to a club.

  3. hotstuff says:

    k y’all don’t hate on me but I just read something and I know lots of people read Justin posts so that’s y I’m posting here (since there are now new Britney articles) I came across an article on wobforums.com and it was from a dancer who was auditioning for Britney’s next tour. he said that not only were they looking for dancers for her new tour but also for her Vma performance. I know I know, she’s gonna do the NFL kickoff, but so is Mary J. Blige but she’s still performing @ the VMA’s…is anyone else as confused as I am… I haven’t been on for like 2 weeks and sorry if this tid-bit has already been noticed. here’s the link if y’all wanna c for yourselves: wobforums.com/showthread.php?s=c5fb5d329e16bd6862a424fd0e6ab86b&threadid=64280

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