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Nam: Oh wow it’s Justin, how are you?
Justin: I’ve been better but I’m ok
N: You hurt your foot, how you feeling?
J: They gave me some painkillers and I’m ok but I’m feeling disappointed I really wanted to be there.
N: So what happened?
J: I was supposed to go left and I went right and my foot went *makes a weird sound* beeeooom.
N: Aww, you feeling better though? Your painkillers working?
J: *laughs* yea there ok. They gave me some anti-lamaseries cause my foot swelled up like a big watermelon.

N: And you’re going to be out for two weeks right?
J: Uh, it could possibly be longer they said.
N: So hopefully you’ll come over to Canada when you’re feeling better.
J: Oh of course! I’m gunna make it up to you.
N: Ok good because you broke a lot of people’s hearts especially in this building, right ladies? *people screaming “Ya!”*
J: I’m sorry
N: Now later we’re gunna show, well 20 seconds, of your brand new video called “Cry Me A River.”
J: Right
N: I want to get into the album. Now working on Justified, being on your own and doing a solo thing by yourself, what was the experience like for you?
J: It was cool, a little bit different. You don’t have as many people there to double check your ideas but for the most part I think my main mission was to create something completely me, just taking what inspired me growing up in Memphis which is kind of a blues town growing up and singing in a gospel church, just taking from my influences and making a record.
N: And are you happy with it?
J: Yea, I’m very happy with it.
N: Now you talked about Memphis and I know you’re a basketball fan, dude, what’s going on with the Grizzlies?
J: Hey man
N: and the Lakers which is your other favorite team
J: Yea, I have no comment on that
N: What was the most challenging process of doing the album?
J: Honestly, I think I got spoiled making this album. It was so much All the producers that I worked with, we just had a blast in the studio. I think for the most part the biggest challenge was trying to remove everything ‘N Sync has done and not worrying about that so much but just try to make a record that you feel is completely you
N: do you think, as far as ‘N Sync goes, a lot of people have been talking about you moving from ‘N sync and then you’re doing your own thing, do you think that a lot of people have been to quick to judge?
J: I don’t think people have been very judgmental about it. I just think they wanna know what it sounds like because they’re so used to hearing my voice in the group. At first it takes people a second to realize this is something a little bit different.
N: have you read any reviews for the album?
J: I’ve read a couple of the reviews
N: and what have they been like?
J: they’ve been great. They’ve been great.
N: Now a lot of artists say reviews don’t matter. Do they matter?
J: I think everybody wants to get great reviews and everybody wants everybody to like their music. I just think, as an artist, at the end of the day, if you make a record that best describes where you’re at, at the time, that’s all you can really do.
N: the first time anybody had a chance to see you do you own thing live was at the VMA’s you did your solo performance. People knew that you were nervous but what they didn’t realize that you were actually sick that day.
J: right, yea. I break my feet. I’m gettin’ sick. I’m fallin’ apart. I think I’m gettin’ too old for this job.
N: no, you know what there’s a lot of people here that wanna take care of you. Anyhow, back to the show though, the next day the reviews came out, what did you think about the reviews about the performance?
J: for the most part, I really didn’t get to read a lot of the reviews that came out the day after. I think everybody obviously compared me to Mike and that was flattering and at the same time it made me a little more nervous about what people might expect me to do in the future because I look up to him. I think a lot of the people in the industry especially this generation do. It was flattering and definitely nerve-wracking at the same time.
N: now the first single, Like I Love You, features the Clipse, it was produced by the Neptunes and Pharrell says some amazing things about you but we’ve got Clipse on tape talking about what it was like working with you. So we’re gonna go to the tape right now.
J: ok
*shows clip*
N: the Clipse are cool guys aren’t they/
J: Oh ya
N: you had the opportunity to work with some heavy-hitters. What was it like to get all those people involved in your project? Was it an easy thing/
J: Honestly, really, I didn’t set out to make too many collaborations. The ones that worked out, I kinda go by the theme that things happen for a reason and the Clipse were in the studio while I was making this record and I expressed to them how much I enjoyed “Grindin’” and how I thought they were the truth and I think it got everyone in a good spirit in the studio and I think it helps along and they just contributed their vocals and sometimes I think people get too involved in doing duets and sometimes they don’t make sense when you collaborate with people and I think, for the most part, I wanted to make sure those collaborations made sense. You get big names on a record that doesn’t always mean it’s gonna be a great song, so I just thought, on top of all that, especially with the Clipse, for the first single because I kinda look at myself as a new artist and I’d look at them as new artists also and I thought it made sense for us to do that song together.
N: Now I have the new Details magazine in my hands. Damn dude, you open it up and the front cover is pretty innocent and you open it up and what are you holding there Justin? (referring to his crotch) Have you seen the pictures?
J: No I haven’t. What does it look like?
N: well you’re holding…uh…wow…they’re nice pictures. You’re very photogenic.
J: oh
N: Now the girls think you’re sexy and he’s cute as hell and the women wanna know what it is you liked in women. Now in Like I Love You, you finally tell everybody what it is you like about a girl so we’re gonna show that clip right now
*shows clip*
N: you like the brain huh Justin?
J: ya’ll are too funny
N: you like the intelligent ladies right?
J: what can I say…
N: now for those who didn’t get it, oh well. Now the writing on your album is a little saucier than the stuff you did for ‘N sync. How is it different writing for yourself as opposed to writing for ‘N sync
J: as far as anything that people think as a little more risque, I don’t think I went out on a limb too far especially with music today. I think it’s something that people may have not expected from me but at the same time I don’t think that I said or sang anything that a 21 year old wouldn’t say. I think, for the most part, writing for myself, the challenge was to take yourself away from the whole big movement that ‘N sync had been a part of- the teen pop movement ad just try to make a record that was completely me and don’t hold anything back.
N: what’s the status on the group?
J: oh, we’re happily together. I think we’re planning on sometime next year, getting back in the studio, making another record. I think with Celebrity we showed a lot of people that we could have a bit of a different sound and that we have a bit of versatility to our song writing and out sound, so I think the next album would be a modification of something else. I just think you have to go where the inspiration takes you and see what we come up with in the studio.
N: aside from your music, everyone is all up in your business. Everybody is talking about who you’re with, who you’re not with. How is the media attention regarding your relationships affecting you?
J: nobody’s really hit the nail on the head yet. So it’s kinda funny but it think as far as people speculating who I’m dating or not dating, it’s kinda funny to me and at the same time it really doesn’t effect my relationships with the people around me. I have my friends and they’re dear to me and nothing could change that.
*goes to clip of “Cry Me a River”
N: Now that song is obviously about a breakup and just watching the clip of the video, it’s very dark, it’s an emotional video. What’s that song about?
J: it’s a kiss-off song for the guys out there who didn’t get to say it. I think the video is far-fetched and I got to play a part in the video and when it comes out I think people will see that-it’s fun!
N: now speaking of relationships, once again, I apologize, everybody’s really into the whole thing that happened with Britney and because your relationship was so out there. One thing I respect about both of you is that you guys both had the chance many times to dog each other in the media but neither of you have chosen to take that route. What does that say about your relationship?
J: it says we’re just good people and I think the world of her. I think she’s awesome and I love her so I’m not going to say anything bad about her, ever.
N: So what’s coming up for you? Just two weeks of rest?
J: yea, I’m gonna be hopping around on one foot. I’m gonna work on my dance moves with my left foot now.
N: We hope to see you when you feel better. We hope you feel better soon and before you leave though, you have a hidden talent-beatboxing- could you do something for us?
J: oh man, ok, let’s see here. *Does a little beatboxing*
N: Thank you Justin
J: alright
N: get better
J: cool thank you
N: Justified is in stores now and keep watching MuchMusic for the full video of Cry Me a River

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