Justin Timberlake & Cameron Diaz Holding Hands In New York

Contributed by nellysgirl:

Both Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake of were seen at a party at Suede after Justin’s club show last night (August 12) in New York. You can see them holding hands here.

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10 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake & Cameron Diaz Holding Hands In New York

  1. vtg says:

    ^^you and I are on the same page!! I submitted that same item like 20 minutes ago!! :)

  2. HoneyRain says:

    which makes frog-face Cameron look even dumber for saying that her and Justin were “just friends” what’s the point in denying a relationship when you’re only gonna be photographed kissing, holding hands, hugging, and hanging out together the next day? nada.

  3. rachel says:

    grr, I gotta admit it , they kinda look cute together. I still think Cameron should drop his a*s though.

  4. Dancer4Life says:

    I’m a huge Justin fan, but I don’t see why he just wont come out and say that him and Cameron have a relationship. She should do the same instead of saying the the two are just friends. I don’t even like Cameron she reminds me of an older Britney or something.

  5. Stallion says:

    They seem like the odd couple that is why reason it is kind of hard to believe that they are going out they seem kind of odd to me. But Justin should make it easy on himself and just tell people. But right now he is on tour with bigger thing to worry about.

  6. muzik_luver says:

    Aww….even tho I have never been able to stand her and don’t really see or like what Justin sees and likes in her…I am happy for them!! They do look kinda cute together…kinda. And I’m so happy they are now showing their together instead of hiding it…aww…should I be happy or sad?? LOL

  7. dazeme11531 says:

    I agree with some of you…..they are kinda cute….but she does remind of an older Britney also! And also they should just come out and say it…..IF they really are dating, or it could just be a publicity stunt. I find it so0o GD sicken that these older women of Hollywood are dating twenty something yr old guys! God…its so stupid of them….there just trying to become popular with a younger generation…which in the long run is just gonna make them be less popular with fans who like to see these guys date women there own age or just single period! *Where’s the rest of Cameron’s shirt?* =)

  8. prettyblue says:

    Justin is always good looking guy!!! He is so cute and extremely hot!!! But look at Cameron!!! she is too old, have a ugly face and look at the body!!! you can actually see her skeleton body cause she’s so thin. It’s better Britney she is young, have pretty face and have a sexy body!

  9. iverson_babygurl_3 says:

    yuck, the woman is like 15 years older than him. JT still looks young but that girl’s gotta do something to make herself look younger. that new ish in Hollywood gotsa stop it’s disgusting. all them women need to stop molesting these boys. J’s gotta go wit someone his age. I really want my baby to be happy but that relationship ain’t gonna last. It just don’t look right. I hate Britney and call me crazy but I don’t think Britney is pretty much less beautiful, Anyways, at least they were a couple you could look at but this pic just looks like a joke. Alright to me someone that JT would look good with would be Beyonce or Xtina. that’s just my opinion though

  10. babet says:

    as much as I am refusing to accept this really mismatched relationship….they look cute holding hands.

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