Justin Timberlake & Cameron Diaz More Than Friends

star was spotted with girlfriend Cameron Diaz hand in hand at Suede in New York City on Tuesday night. “They made no secret of being together by snogging each other’s faces off,” a nosy onlooker remarked to The Sun.

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9 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake & Cameron Diaz More Than Friends

  1. dazeme11531 says:

    does any one else notice that when the cameras rite in there face they have these smirks and are holding hands but once there gone…they let go and they top smiling….hm! PUBLICITY STUNT!!!!!! At least with Demi and Ashton there are pics of them kissing and stuff

  2. Stallion says:

    Have you people notice that all the picture we see of these two are them leaving that Black Eyed Peas concert that Justin did for them. They are pretty much taken old picture and using them again.

  3. babet says:

    aww. Justin looks pleasantly happy with Cameron. they both look so cute together. if they were the same age then they would be a perfect couple. their outgoing personality fits together nicely. but hey, if things don’t work out (which I’m predicting….[please please please]), lets hope he finds someone more age suitable this time.

  4. perfectly-imperfect says:

    Wow, she’s looking so bony…He sings about brown eyed ‘senoritas’ and stuff, but continually manages to date white girls, lol…At least Britney could dance and has some flavor to her (not to mention a curvy body), but Cameron is just straight out w.h.i.t.e… And Justin just looks like the type of guy that doesn’t know anything–sexually, I mean…He seems like the type that would take your clothes off and then just stand there, not knowing what to do next. Guys like that piss me off…Sorry for being so mean hehe.

  5. ktkins143 says:

    Cameron is 1/2 Cuban, hence the last name DIAZ lol

  6. perfectly-imperfect says:

    lmao, really? Damn, I just made a total douche out of myself, thanks for pointing that out! Oh well, she still acts 100% white… :)-

  7. giselle says:

    You didn’t make an ass out of your self. Cameron looks more white than half Cuban and for someone that claim he is a ass man, well she has no ass!

  8. collins_xtina says:

    More than Friends?! I don’t care! all I really care is the safety of Justin on Cameron Biatch!

  9. BeccaUK says:

    How do you know they stop holding hands and smiling when the cameras are gone? If there are no cameras around then there’ll also be no pictures to prove your little theory will there?

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