Justin Timberlake Courts Duran Duran For Collaboration

Duran Duran sitting

Us Weekly reports star was spotted backstage at the Brit Awards in London telling that he has a song he would like to work on with them.

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6 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Courts Duran Duran For Collaboration

  1. popmaster167 says:

    Great, that would make a great duet, JT & Duran Duran

  2. YogiBear says:

    What a lame collaboration! Duran Duran shouldn’t stoop that low to be back in the lime light.

  3. glitter_me_beautiful says:

    Duran don’t need Timberlake. If they’re going to collaborate at all, they can do much better.

  4. elperrosync says:

    Please don’t get us talking on those Lame collaborations that bitch Janet Jackson have done

    I though he was going to be to busy doing that movie to be able to record unless this is for the movie soundtrack. I wonder if Timberlake and Cool J are going to do a song together

  5. KeysGurl305 says:

    Oh please Duran Duran get some sense and don’t work with that fool.

  6. jtluvak8 says:

    This would be awesome! Don’t expect anything for a few years but hey, that’s gonna be SO COOL!

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