Justin Timberlake Didn’t Expect His Huge Solo Success

star admits his ‘Justified’ success exceeds any expectations he had when he decided to go solo and head into the recording studio alone. “I don’t put a lot of personal pressure on myself,” he tells David Martindale
of the San Antonio Express-News. “I think that’s why this album did so well. Because it felt genuine. Because I didn’t feel like I had anybody to please on this album except myself. It was one of those situations where I went into the studio and I said I’m going to work on this project until I feel it’s complete. And it just so happened that we got on a roll immediately.”

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11 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Didn’t Expect His Huge Solo Success

  1. elgato says:

    You owe all your “success” to 4 people: Pharrell, Chad Hugo, Wade Robson, Britney Spears. nothing you have was of your own doing. it’s all from how you exploit and imitate others. so don’t get it twisted.

  2. Elperro1 says:

    elgato is upset because Nick Carter’s album FLOPPED and don’t give me that it was an international success bullsh** it was a FLOP plain and simple

    I believe Justin Timberlake is the next big thing. I believe that the Neptunes will do wonder for him like Rob and Quincy Jones did for Michael Jackson. Justin Timberlake is the next big thing. He had the Rolling Stones invite him on stage to sing a song with him he had the Flaming lips asked him to perform with him. Coldplay and David Ghoul (sorry if I spelled his name right) for Nirvana is a fan. Justin Timberlake get a lot of respect from R&B artist and producer and hip Hop producers and artist. I think it funny how Justin Timberlake went an R&B direction and Nick Carter went into a rock & roll direction but Justin Timberlake get more respect from the Rock & roll artist.

  3. goodnight says:

    Crowning Timberlake as the the new “King of Pop” seems premature. The only song of his I liked was “Rock your Body” but not enough to buy the album. In no way does Timberlake’s album compare with “Off the Wall.” No way. And JT may have had low expectations when he first started the album, but that definitely wasn’t the case when it was released. That hype machine was on serious over drive. He would have sold out his grand mother if it would help sell more albums. He is so overrated.

  4. B0rntoplay says:

    Without the Neptunes and Britney, he would be a nobody. Britney made him.

    He is so stupid. He should just admit that he is only where he is was because he was able to use Britney to boost his career. That guy is a loser. He better thank the Neptunes too. And the next big thing? COME ON. Justin has hit his peak. He will NEVER be Michael.

  5. devil_of_the_paradise says:

    Well he’s not the next big thing. he cannot be because legends don’t become, legends born so Justin cannot be a legend but he will be in a good position in the future. maybe close to a legend situation but not a legend. but he is really successful and he’s HIMSELF. That’s why he is BIG!

  6. Whatomat says:

    Justin’s success has more to do with luck than any amazing talent. I like and bought Justified and it is ok but nothing amazing and most of the songs like Senorita are nothing special. Justin has been lucky because he had an amazing amount of press before album came thanks to his relationship and breakup with Brit. He is also lucky because he was able to do a decent job at imitating Michael Jackson, whose style has become cool again the last few years, only an idiot would say he isn’t copying early Michael.

  7. kaihelani says:

    Well when it comes to Justin’s success he knew it would be huge I mean come on he just came off being in one of the biggest boy bands of all time, he just had the biggest breakup of all time and then he decides to make a video to build publicity without no regard to just displaying his musical talents he needed to use his relationship with his ex-girlfriend to sell his album, people can disagree all they want about this opinion but try and have him put out another album and not use his personal influences to make it big and he will not be huge the next time around.

  8. jtluvak8 says:

    Elperro1 is right. There is really no reason to hate on the kid. He’s 22, and on that album- there is not one song with any factor of negativity on it. That album is just, it’s the best I’ve heard. To me, an album should be listened through the whole thing, no skipping tracks or anything. Few can do that. Justified is one of them. Honestly, I think Justin did nuevo better than Michael. Besides talent, Justin has the most charisma I’ve seen in a person- Admit it, he’s done well, and is worthy of himself and the title, King Of Pop- if you don’t believe in him, you’re just a flat out hater.

  9. single_female_lawyer says:

    Good Job Justin!!!!!! :) I think that you really deserve it and I only wish the best for you baby boy :) you know what dude Britney had NOTHING to do with it at all believe me people just didn’t buy the CD just to hear what he had to say about his relationship with her, and if they did they are just losers. but I agree that Chad and Pharrell and Tim were the main reason Justified is so good because the beats are crazy :) oh and Brian McKnight too ;)

  10. popnicklover says:

    I’m totally laughing at this right now. Justin didn’t expect huge solo success?! LMFAO! He’s the biggest joke in the industry! I mean, when you break up with your world-wide famous girlfriend (a.k.a. Britney Spears), make a video with a lookalike of her starring in it, and have the Neptunes producing your so-so album, can you expect anything BUT a “huge success”?! Especially when you’ve got the press on your back 24/7…and you actually ENJOY it! (Don’t give me the crap that Justin doesn’t enjoy all the media press he receives.) And not to mention, you try too hard to impersonate Michael Jackson, another big world-wide famous pop star.

  11. Cicero says:

    Congrats to Justin. But it was still really sad how he had to ride on Britney’s coattails. The radio interviews, the music videos — sheesh. Whatever, he knew what it would take to survive, and he did it. Congrats.

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