Justin Timberlake Doesn’t Know A Thing About Hip-Hop

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The Source magazine did an article about Pharrell Williams and in it, of *NSYNC made a claim that hip-hop has gone pop and anyone who doesn’t think so just isn’t seeing the big picture. Well that upset many Source readers. They responded in the Letters to the Editor section of the next issue. Julz said, “When I read Justin Timberlake’s comment in the Pharrell story that hip-hop has gone pop, my blood heated. Hip-hop is infused in everything; fast food and commercials, movies for main-stream America…. It looks like pop has gone hip-hop, and those of you who don’t know better recognize!” Michael Dennis said, “I got really angry with what Justin Timberlake said [about hip-hop going pop]. It proves that he doesn’t really listen to hip-hop. Justin, some people may say the Neptunes sold out but hip-hop isn’t the only form of music out there. For a person who does pop, maybe you should stick to pop. We may do things that are categorized as ‘pop culture’ but there are many forms of hip-hop. We’re not seeing the big picture? Please.”

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7 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Doesn’t Know A Thing About Hip-Hop

  1. Stallion says:

    If he did say this than I think people got the wrong idea. Right now Hip Hop is the biggest music around because of 50 cent and other great producer. People need to know that pop isn’t a bad word. He is not comparing Rap to bubble gum pop he is just saying that hip hop is popular music and that is all. Hip Hop is popular music and I agree with him.

  2. HoneyRain says:

    If this is true then I’m no longer down with Justin.. he lost all his cool points. (as if he had many to begin with) hip hop gone pop? I don’t think so.. you don’t see any rappers running to Justin, Britney, Christina.. or whomever for artistic help.. I’m 99.9% sure that it’s the pop culture icons who are going to the hip hop world for help and collaborations.. he needs to get his facts straight

  3. Stallion says:

    The reason Justin Timberlake have always been one step ahead of the haters is because he understood music more than them and the artist has been able to see that. People from Mick Jagger to Stevie Wonder to Alica Keys to Alabama to the Bee Gee to Nelly to Clive Davis the list just goes on and on.

    Sure Rapper are doing a lot of advertising and movie role but they are just expanding hip hop. I doubt this is true but he is not calling hip hop bubble gum pop if he did say this.

  4. elgato says:

    I agree with HoneyRain. BSB, Christina, Britney, and nsuck are all seeking out to the Neptunes, Tim, DarkChild, Jermaine Dupri, etc. It’s not the other way around. Redman did not beg Christina to let him by on Dirrty. Christina begged him. BSB asked the Neptunes to remix ‘The Call.’ Britney and Justine sought the Neptunes. nsuck asked Nelly to be on Girlfriend with them. 50 Cent is NOT a pop artist. look at his VMA nominations. they’re in the rap category, not the pop category. what was Justin’s ‘like I love you’ put in for the Grammys? it was best rap/sung or something because Clipse were on it. not best pop. so the truth is that pop has gone hip hop.

  5. leodude666 says:

    You people along with the readers are IDIOTS! The word “pop” means whatever music is POPULAR at that time…In the late 90’s it was Britney, Nsync, BSB etc, and now it is 50 cent, Eminem, etc…just because the music it’s self is hip hop doesn’t mean it’s not pop. You guys saying pop turned hip hop, that’s not true…hip hop is just popular so that means it’s “pop” look POP-ular…yeh! get a brain!

  6. ballersfantasy says:

    Who gives a *****? If the music is good- then listen, who cares if its pop, hip-hop or hip-pop.

  7. babet says:

    I think people are taking it the wrong way. Justin probably meant that hip hop has gone more mainstream now. everybody listens to it just as much as people listened to pop back in 2000. pop music has always been looked at as the more broad based genre of music attracting the largest amount of listeners….now it seems to be hip hop’s turn. hip hop has now become POPular.

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