Justin Timberlake Doesn’t Play With Playmates

Contributed by nellysgirl: Us Weekly reports that *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake proved that he is very well-behaved by rejecting the attentions of the Playboy Playmates. Justin teamed up with rapper pal Nelly to film the video for their new collaboration ‘Work It’ at Hugh Hefner’s renowned Playboy Mansion in California. A source said, “Hefner told Timberlake that he could have the home numbers of any Playmate, but Justin turned him down.”

Christina’s Mom Previews Summer Tour With Timberlake

February 14, 2003 – Christina Aguilera’s mother Shelly Kearns again posted on LiveDaily.com on Friday, with encouraging news ahead of her daughter’s summer tour with *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake. “Oh, you guys are going to absolutely love the tour this year,” Kearns enthused. “She’s told me about it and I’m amazed. And with Justin!! I love him. He’s always so sweet when he sees me. I’m excited!”

Justin Timberlake Excited To Tour Ireland

February 14, 2003 – The Mirror reports Justin is on his way to Dublin for two concerts in the Point Theatre. “Justin is really excited about this tour,” said a source. “We are just trying to organize the final details and logistics about bringing the show to Ireland.” Added the *NSYNC’er himself, “I think Ireland is a fantastic country. The people are so nice and you don’t get harassed there. I remember we had a ball in Belfast and partied every night – it was really crazy.” Read more.

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