Justin Timberlake Doesn’t Rule Out Britney Spears Reconciliation

The Sun reports star hasn’t ruled out a reconciliation with Britney Spears, but he won’t rush into and says Spears “knows why this is happening.” Justin says, “I have no idea what the future holds. Britney is a wonderful, wonderful person. But I have issues, she has issues, what person doesn’t have issues? If she says that she’s confused about what happened, I can’t honestly say that would be true. Maybe the things that happened between Britney and me could change. It could take another 180 degree turn and be OK.”

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6 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Doesn’t Rule Out Britney Spears Reconciliation

  1. mellowyellow says:

    This is a quote from an article he did and the Sun just lifted it and tried to take credit for it. Justin doesn’t bring Britney up in interviews, the interviewer does.

  2. Justincaseyestwo says:

    He says he’s “always been a romantic. He believes in love and always will”. Well then he’d better start thinking about what he says because when the RIGHT WOMAN comes along she sure as hell isn’t going to give a chance to someone who says he still loves another person. Trust broken can rarely be repaired and he is leaving no room for someone to be able to love and trust him. Jeez, how many of us have been madly in love in our late teens and early twenties and just knew we’d never love like that again just to find that someone better REALLY DOES come along. Walk your own road already and stop with the Britney thing. You’re right, you won’t be marrying the girl you planned to share the rest of your life with. You’re right, it wasn’t a reality. You need to leave room for the RIGHT WOMAN. You’re NOT Romeo and Juliet. We’ve all been there, done that. This isn’t anything new or special to any of us.

    Well, in case you hadn’t noticed Britney spent MORE than two days with Justin and screwed THAT one up so she should start looking for the next two days with someone else until HER right one comes along. Sure as hell wasn’t Justin.

  3. WTF says:

    Wow you are always the first person to post in a Justin Topic. I have a song that I want you to hear, somebody wrote a song about you hold on!

    *leaving computer running to the stereo popping in song that was written directly to elgato…….turning up the radio listening to the words

    Dear Justin I wrote you but you still ain’t calling, I left my cell my pager, and my home phone at the bottom, I sent to letters back in autumn you must not have got um, there probably was a problem at the post office or something
    (fast forward to chorus)
    My teas gone cold I’m wondering why I
    got out of bed at all
    The morning rain clouds up my window
    and I can’t see at all
    even if i could it would all be gray
    But JUSTIN your picture on my wall
    It reminds me that It’s not so bad
    It’s not so bad!*

    WOW you are a star!

  4. annsangel says:

    He tells it to the media because the media asked. And since you have no idea what love is- You can be with someone, breakup and then grow up a little and realize they are your true love. Something you no nothing about.

  5. Izzy says:

    This punk continues to dig himself a deeper hole…The only reason he has changed his tune in this interview is because of the unprofessional, idiotic statements he has made. This is what you call damage control. He must really be in fear of a lawsuit. If Britney actually has a brain in her head she would refute any possibility of a reconciliation between the two. He’s a loser. He needs to learn to keep his mouth shut. Week after week he contradicts himself. He doesn’t seem like a truthful person.

  6. Froot_Loop says:

    Britney Spears HUGE in UK….

    Sooo of course Justin will use her to get free publicity over there, if it weren’t for Britney no one would know who the hell he is…

    SOOO just remember as long as he´s in the UK:

    “I miss Britney, I don’t know if it was the moon, the stars or what but I started crying thinking about Britney, I DO cry all the time, Im a sensitive guy. Britney and I could possibly get back together again, I miss her HUGE smile!!! (Insert fake tears here)”

    And in the US:

    Justin is smiling cause hes over Britney!!! “Oh yeah I ate her coochie!!!” “I’m a playa” “Once you go black you never go back” ETC ETC ETC

    So yeah in the UK he misses her and in the US hes a “playa”…

    Too bad he cant talk about anything else, HELLO didn’t he have a solo cd coming out or something?

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