Justin Timberlake Dumps Too Old Alyssa Milano

The Sunday People reports Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC has split with his girlfriend Alyssa Milano. He has told friends she’s too old for him – she’s 31, he’s 21. Alyssa has since been seen out with Limp Bizkit star Fred Durst.

I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On – Got Soul?

December 20, 2002 – Tonya Pendleton of BET.com weighed in on the efforts of Justin Timberlake, Thicke, and Christina Aguilera to deliver good soul music. On the *NSYNC star, she comments, “Timberlake’s real problem, though, is his thin voice. It’s pretty but lacks the gusto that most R&B artists take for granted.” On Aguilera, she says, “On Stripped she shows more musical versatility than I would have ever given her credit for – from pop power ballads like ‘Beautiful’ to anthemic smokers like ‘Fighter’ and soulful R&B joints like ‘Impossible.'”

Justin Timberlake Exploits Ended Relationship With Britney

December 19, 2002 – Popdirt.com’s last poll asking if you though Justin is exploiting his ended relationship with Britney Spears to boost his solo career had 65.7% say yes, while 34.3% said no. Our latest poll asks what you thought of Jennifer Lopez’s new film ‘Maid in Manhattan’.

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