Justin Timberlake Gets Stoned At Stones’ SARS Benefit Concert

Contributed by elgato:

Soul_Sista from the Backstreet Boys forum at Livedaily.com asks, “Did ya’ll hear that [ star Justin Timberlake] had to get off stage early because he was having water bottles whipped at him on stage? I kinda feel bad for him. I guess the people there weren’t really digging him because the majority of the performers are rock artists ie: Rolling Stones, Sam Roberts, The Flaming Lips, The Guess Who, etc.” RebelWithACause responded, “I was just watching his performance on some French channel and there definitely were things being thrown at him… cause he was ducking and stuff unless its a funky new dance move. I feel bad for him. I think the reason he was there so that they could have the younger girls and people there too.” Then bgbyrd weighed in saying, “Unfortunately this was the wrong event to invite him to. The crowd would not be fans of his music and anyone who thought that wouldn’t happen is crazy. It is right? no, but it was to be expected.”

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One thought on “Justin Timberlake Gets Stoned At Stones’ SARS Benefit Concert

  1. BringMeToLife says:

    I wouldn’t go on stage in the first place where you not wanted… Aww you hate someone who you don’t even know anything about? Now that’s sad y’all :)

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