Justin Timberlake Handcuffed By Police Early Friday

The New York Post reports *NSYNC’s was handcuffed and thrown into the back of a police car early Friday morning outside the topless club VIP. Cops told Timberlake they’d gotten a disorderly conduct complaint and despite trying to talk his way out of it, cops had none of his explanation of innocence.

Fortunately, the entire incident was a gag as a spy revealed, “After about 15 minutes, they said, ‘OK, that’s it.’ put handcuffs on him and put him in back of the car” – at which point all of Timberlake’s buddies started laughing and pointing at him. It turns out that they played a joke on him. Somebody who they were with was a cop, and called a couple of his buddies.”

Dewan’s Official Site Back Up

April 11, 2002 – Jenna Dewan, the dancer rumored to be dating Justin Timberlake, had so much traffic on her website that it apparently was going over the bandwidth levels. It seems to be working ok now, so check out more on her at jennadewanonline.com.

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11 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Handcuffed By Police Early Friday

  1. oceanick says:

    If this is true, then I’d think Mr. Timberlake is so into copying Nick. Not long after hearing Nick may be in solo project, I then heard Justin is going solo too. And now, is he trying to be Nick again for being handcuffed in a club?

  2. Justus says:

    That’s such BS! There is no way Justin would ever want to copy Carter. Justin has real talent and doesn’t need to copy anyone.

    Justin’s was a prank, a joke. On the other hand Nick’s was real. Seem he’s is a loud mean drunk and after hearing he punched out his own bodyguard friend I can really understand why the cop arrested him.

  3. BlueAngel1 says:

    This is not funny. This type of joke can turn again him. That some people will only read “Justin Timberlake handcuffed outside of a topless club”. His friends were stupid to do this. Watch other newspapers will add more stuff to it.

  4. Justus says:

    But his Police record is clean and that’s all Justin has to worry about. The press already prints anything they want about him. so no matter what he does they will make stuff up.

    No, Nick Carter cut a deal so he wouldn’t have to go to Court and as long as he stayed out of trouble his record will be clean.

    Good thing he didn’t punch out his pal here in the States, he might have been arrested again. Oh wait, his loser friend wouldn’t press charges against Nick, than where would his friend get his next meal or girl?

    Wake up and smell the community service, it’s just a matter of time before Carter is in trouble again.

  5. BSBLover says:

    Maybe Justin can now:

    Date Willa Ford

    Have his brother sing

    Make him sing a song with him about a concert show.

    Call *Nsync’s album “Red,White, and Blue”

    Another album called “Century”

    Make his mom write a book about him.

    All Nick has to do is date Britney and it’ll be even.

  6. Justus says:

    But see Justin doesn’t need to do any of those things.

    #1 Justin dated Britney Spears

    #2 If Aaron was Justin brother he would have been honest with Aaron and told him “You Can’t Sing Aaron!”

    #3 Justin writes his own songs and produces them. Nuff said there.

    Stop blaming Justin and Nsync for your BSB troubles, blame the person responsible, Nick Carter and his HUGE ego.

  7. Jen says:

    Dammit! I wish to God this story was true, so all those, damn N’sync fans could shut the hell up. Even if it isn’t true RIGHT NOW, I’m sure that he will eventually be arrested, with all the stories about him acting all wild at clubs.

    I KNOW you aren’t talking about a huge ego! Justin Timberlake is the one with the big ass ego, or did you not see the results of that poll they had awhile back. Nick isn’t the cause of BSB’s troubles. So what if he got arrested, that was like 4 months ago, they are all over it, you should get over it too. BSB aren’t perfect, but neither is N’sync, and I can’t wait for the day, when one of them gets in trouble, so you and your fellow N’sync fans can shut up.

  8. BabyBlue2578 says:

    Okay first of all, it was a joke. It wasn’t real. And he didn’t even plan it. That’s a weak argument.

    Number two, Justin was reported to be doing the solo album first, and now he’s denying it. So how is it that he’s tryin to be like fat boy Carter?

  9. LilMands82 says:

    Nicks record is not clean. Once a police record always a police record. Its not like they would be like “oh well..u paid that off, we wont hold it against u” if he gets in trouble again. They will.

    It was a freaking POLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET OVER IT!. JUST because a poll says somethign doesnt make it true!! And I’m sorry but Justn doesn’t have an ego, no matter WHAT anyone says. Get a life and quit dissing Timberlake. GOD people! Do you have anything better to do with your lie then blame Justin for everything that goes friggin wrong?!

  10. Justus says:

    They think by blaming Justin and or Nsync it will take the blame off their own troubles.

    Justin still cares about Nsync unlike members of BSB who only care about their own solo CD and their untalented brother.

  11. LilMands82 says:

    I wish all you BSB fans would shut up sometimes. first of all, it was a JOKE. a JOKE. Get the HELL over it. I wish people would just get a life and stop saying crap about Justin. You don’t know THE FIRST THING about Justin. Neither do I, but I don’t sit here and say crap about Nick and his big ego do I? You guys think you know him just by RUMORS. RUMORS AREN’T PROVEN TO BE TRUE. DO WE NEED A VOCAB LESSON HERE?! Leave the friggin boy alone. Not like he CARES what you think anyway.

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