Justin Timberlake Has A Blast After EMAs

The Glasgow Daily Record caught up with star after his performance with N*E*R*D at Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange, which followed his big night at the MTV Europe Music Awards on Thursday night. “We had a blast. The reaction from fans was amazing,” Timberlake remarked.

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2 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Has A Blast After EMAs

  1. popnicklover says:

    You know music today is sh*t when Justin Timberlake wins Best Album, Best Male Artist, and Best Pop Artist at the EMAs!!! Either that or Europeans are up in their heads!

  2. Stallion says:

    If it was Nick Carter CD you be singing a different song *roll eyes*

    You are just bitter because the eurpeans the Africans the Americans the Mexican and everybody else around the world with a brain rejected Nick Carter AWFUL and I mean AWFUL album now or never. If you want to talk about sh** than let’s talk about his album. Thank god it didn’t become a success because music would have been dead.

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