Justin Timberlake Headed Solo After *NSYNC Tour

US Weekly reports star Justin Timberlake is set to make a solo attempt after the group finishes their tour in April. An insider revealed, “Justin wants to go solo in every part of his life. He wants to be a bachelor, and he’s looking forward to doing his own album.” Much like Sisqo’s solo venture that saw the demise of Dru Hill, the insider adds, “If he doesn’t do well, he’ll be back with them… but if it does well, he’ll break off.” A spokesperson for Jive is still denying Timberlake’s plans for a solo album, despite numerous quotes, and business meetings with Justin, from artists indicating otherwise.

Give Back The Props To KISS

March 29, 2002 – Shannon McCarthy of Get Real Detroit got to chat with *NSYNC’s JC Chasez and where they returned the praise that Gene Simmons of KISS had recently given them. Chris said, “You know, we’re huge fans of theirs. We’ve been to their shows a couple times last year. They’re another one of those groups that, not only were they a great band, but they had great music.” As for both band’s licensed merchandise, JC joked, “Yeah, they have more crap out than we do!”

*NSYNC Offer Free Tickets To Late Arriving Family

March 28, 2002 – Star magazine reports an 11-year-old boy who with her mother and father arrived to an *NSYNC show in San Francisco just as it was wrapping up was devastated to miss his favorite band. He and his family explained they were hung up in traffic and that they’d missed the show to one of the group’s security guards. After the guard asked them to leave their name and number, he promised to try and help them out. The *NSYNC guys when told about the story insisted the family be sent free tickets to their next concert in the area and made sure they were advised to leave home earlier next time.

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7 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Headed Solo After *NSYNC Tour

  1. lil_moe says:

    Justin Timberlake is nothing but trouble for NSYNC…he is NOT a team player and he never has been…the rest of the group, namely JC Chasez, don’t get the credit they deserve. Justin is annoying, hideous, and big-headed….i will absolutely HATE him if he breaks NSYNC up…he should be seen as a complete sell-out with no respect for the rest of the group, or the millions of fans that will be hurt by his selfish actions…i am sorry for putting him down…because he is talented…but i just can’t tell you how much it bugs me to ONLY ever hear about the shananigans he is up to.

  2. Sasha says:

    Poor dumb Justin! With JC you sound ok and can get by. But JC is the only voice in that group who has the talent to be solo. And wouldn’t that be sweet justice if he took the opportunity to go solo too and found the success that Justin obviously won’t. Go JC!

  3. Fan says:

    He wants to be a solo all on his own?
    Well then, he does know he is now viewed as the ass who’s destroying NSYNC and who cheated on & broke up with Britney Spears on the phone. Why would anyone want to see and hear him?

  4. BSBlover05 says:

    The only reason Jive is saying Justin is not going solo is because they made Jive so big. I mean he is already a solo singer because he is the only one who sings in that band. ( if that is his real voice) Jive is such a dumb record company. They say all the bad things about *Nsync are not true, but all the bad news about BSB are true. It makes no sense. Jive does everything for those 5 fakes.

  5. bsbfanatik2001 says:

    I hope Nsync splits.They are just a bunch of self-loving guys that run around on a stage and they don’t deserve even a quarter of the money or fame they have now!!!!!All of the Nsync fans don’t go trying to tell me that what I said is not true. I meant EVERY SINGLE WORD!

  6. SummerRain says:

    Let’s not make this a battle between Nsync and Backstreet. The post is about Justin going solo let’s stick to that. Just a general statement not meant for anyone in particular.

    It is odd that everyone in the industry has mentioned something about Justin’s cd expect Justin in a public statement or Jive. We all know it is coming maybe everyone is waiting till after the tour to break the old news.

  7. ckj says:

    Good Luck to Justin Timberlake (Yeah right) I hope he flops with his new more mature solo cd. It just totally makes me laugh to hear the word mature associated with Justin Timberlake. Mature, HIM, I don’t think so he broke up with his girlfriend over the phone. Yeah that was mature…and now he wants us to believe that he is coming out with a more mature sound for his solo cd. Right now everything he is doing is not very mature, so I don’t believe him when he says that his cd will be more mature.. Proof of maturity first Mr. Timberlake, and I will be one of the first people in line to buy that new cd. Just to think one time I respected you as an artist, man what was I thinking?

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