Justin Timberlake Hit 40 UK Radio Interview

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Foxy: Take a seat.

Justin Timberlake: Thank you sir.

F: Very nice to have you on.

JT: Welcome along…. we’re going on a journey.

F: There’s you, there’s me, there’s 40 great hit songs and 4 million listeners.

JT: (laughs)

F: It’s a kind of…

JT: It is a journey, it is a journey

F: Just a journey along, playing some songs, and you’ve got your whole entourage here, so that’s about 4 million of them

JT: (laughs) C’mon man!

F: Actually, you’re travelling quite light I have to say.

JT: Thank you! I don’t like to travel with a.. entourage

F: do you not at all?..

JT: Nah..

F: cuz sometimes you hear the stories at these big music events where Eminem has a million people, or whatever, 50 people.

JT: No, I don’t travel with 50 people..

F: J Lo’s the worst

JT: only 48. I’m just kidding, just kidding.

F: I know, but I think you’re down to 43 tonight which is..

JT: (laughs)

F: 4 of them had to stay at home tonight…

JT: yeah

F: We couldn’t squeeze them in the studio, but fooling around aside, things are going so brilliantly for you aren’t they?

JT: They are man, I can’t complain

F: America, clearly the huge market for you, the biggest record market in the world, and it’s your own country, but is it important to break countries like the UK?

JT: Of course it is. There is such good music that has come out of here in the past, and is, still is coming out of here you know, and it’s important for me, I just love the culture here. I love the culture, so that’s why I wanna be here as well.

(Songs are played)

F: Remember when we were hanging out in the studio the other day JT,

JT: hmm hmm,

F: We put on a bet

JT: yes

F: And you just suddenly burst out into the human beatbox that you are, and just started busting out rhymes and rap

JT: well I was scratching, I’m not a rapper, but I was scratching

F: Ok (puts on some music background music)

JT: Alright, so you want me to do this again?

F: Yeh, yeh yeh, ok.

JT: beat boxes

That’s my scratch! Do you want me to move onto the beat?

F: yeah

JT: beat boxes on the beat!

(Lose yourself plays)

F: Now Justin , we’re gonna put you in the Hot seat, you know the rules?

JT: And, and, uh, what’s the rules? Just like a one word answer?

F: Could be, could be, just whatever you feel. Don’t think about it too much.. ready?

JT: Ok.

I’m scared man!

F: Have you ever forgotten your words on stage?

JT: Yes

F: American or English chips?

JT: Uh…

F: French fries

JT: Oh! uh, American

F: Tea bag or milk in the cup first

JT: Tea bag

F: Chaps (is that right?!?) or hipsters

JT: (laughs) What are hipsters?

F: Hipsters, you know really low slung waistband on your jeans.

JT: Uhhhh.. Chaps

F: I think so. Did you suck your thumb as a kid?

JT: No

F: Who do you think has the worse hair in Hollywood?

JT: Carrot top

F: If you were a pigeon who would you wanna poo on?

JT: Um… (laughs) I don’t know man! Uh. Uh, Scott Step

F: Who’s he?

JT: The lead singer from Creed.

F: Oh, ok. If you had to pick a job out of these what would it be – a toilet cleaner, a naked warden or a stripper?

JT: (loudly) A stripper!!

F: Yeah! (Justin laughs) F: Get em off boy! Well, you’re half naked on the front of RS mag! And looking fit and

JT: (laughing) Well at least I know I can dance! ha ha! So I’ll just go with that one!

F: You could make some money, I’m sure there are women around the UK happy to watch you strip

JT: I would never be a stripper man!

F: Would you ever do that?

JT: I don’t think so!

F: Would you ever pole dance?

JT: (shocked) Hell no!!
Could you see me pole dancing?

F: I don’t think I’m offering you great choices there.

JT: No

F: For a superstar I think I’m selling you short there

JT: I’ll stick with my job.

(music plays)

F: CMAR was… do you ever worry about release dates anymore?

JT: I do, I still get nervous. This is still new. It’s still very new for me, it’s only my second single

F: Yeah I suppose so, You have world success with Nsync

JT: Right

F: But I guess as a solo guy this is your second outing

JT: Yeah

F: so it must be great that the album has been so well received

JT: Yeah, yeah, that’s the reassuring part, that gives you confidence and makes you sure about what you’re doing

F: And you’re coming over in May

JT: Yeah, I’m coming over in May, it’s gonna be a big ass party

F: Is Christina Ag. coming over with you?

JT: I don’t think so.

F: Cuz you guys are touring together

JT: Yeah, we, possibly touring together

F: Cuz that’s the goss isn’t it

JT: Yeah, well we are working out the deal as we speak so, hopefully by the time I get back to the States it will all be worked out.

F: Now, we always play the Top 5 albums in the UK, but this week we held off a bit, cuz I think this is gonna make you happy.

5 – Daniel Beddingfield

4- Pink

3 – Busted

2 – Avril Lavigne

1- Justin Timberlake

It looks like his visit to the UK this week has helped him score no.1 with Justified.

F: There you go Mr Timberlake, you have the uh, number 1 album this week, I’m sure there is, uh, he’s gobsmacked here. I’m sure you’d like to say something here

JT: You know what? I am completely grateful and totally surprised and I thank you for picking up the album, those who did and I hope you like the new single, I’m crazy about it, so uh, that’s it! Thank you!

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