Justin Timberlake Hosts ‘SNL’ Season Finale With Musical Guest Lady Gaga (Video)

was the host of ‘Saturday Night Live’ season finale over the weekend, with musical guest Lady Gaga. Timberlake started off with a monologue by singing his promise not to do any singing for the night. Both artists then starred in the Digital Short ‘3-Way (The Golden Rule)’ with Andy Samberg, where the song centered around the rule that says when there’s two guys and only one girl, “it’s not gay, when it’s in a three-way.” The former star then made a cameo in Herb Welch’s on the scene report. JT then helped entertain when a carnival ride broke down as a flirtatious robot. In a celebrity edition episode of ‘What’s That Name?’, Timberlake and Gaga had to name various people to win money for their charities, with Justin having trouble with a former bandmate. Justin continued the game show themed skits with ‘Secret Word’. Joining former ‘SNL’ cast member Jimmy Fallon, Justin reprised his role in ‘The Barry Gibb Talk Show’. In a web only skit, Timberlake spoofed his own foray into acting by playing Mozart plotting a similar move.

Lady Gaga’s musical performances included ‘Judas’ and ‘Born This Way’. Watch the skits via NBC.com below (Lady Gaga’s performances have since been removed).

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