Justin Timberlake: I’m Rooting For Britney Spears

The Glasgow Daily Record caught up with for an interview promoting ‘The Love Guru’, where the 27-year-old expressed support for ex-girlfriend as she attempts to get her life back on track. “Everybody is rooting for her, and that’s a good thing,” the former *NSYNC star said. “I’m on that bandwagon too. I don’t want to see anybody unhappy.”

As for how Timberlake’s been able to avoid the trappings of fame, he admitted it wasn’t easy at first. “It can mess with your mind a little bit when you’re a teenager and not equipped to deal with all the attention,” he said. “I learned very quickly that the more I didn’t pay attention to it, the more I realized what a soap opera it was. You have to remove yourself from it, otherwise it will drive you completely insane.” The full story at dailyrecord.co.uk has since been removed.

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