Justin Timberlake Is Now More Searched Than *NSYNC

Searches for were huge in September, far eclipsing any of his *NSYNC bandmates, and way more than *NSYNC searches themselves. The term ‘Justin Timberlake’ was searched for 249,086 times during September on pay-per search engine Overture.com, more than the 152,594 searches for *NSYNC, and more than rival Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, who got 87,032 searches. Several searches focused on his new solo single ‘Like I Love You’, while others were interested in his rumored and factual relationships with Britney Spears, Alyssa Milano, and Janet Jackson. The most common Justin misspelling was Justine Timberlake.

Nelly Says You Can’t Deny Justin Timberlake’s Talent

October 8, 2002 – Nelly explained his decision to collaborate with Justin on the song ‘Work It’ to Launch.com. “Well, me working with Justin…the dude is talented,” Nelly said. “I don’t care what you say, you can’t deny folks of his talent. I don’t give a damn who he is, what he’s done, he is talented, flat-out And me saying that, I just like to make good music, folks. You heard me? I like to do things different. When Run-DMC and Aerosmith did the “Walk This Way” thing, everyone looked at them kind of strange; probably back in the day they probably got ridiculed about the whole thing. But now you look back, and it’s a classic–where would we be without that? How could they have not done that? It spawned a whole new thing: You have Method Man and Limp Bizkit, you got and Eve. So I think it was only fair for us to take it to that level too.”

Alyssa Milano Forum Bans Discussion

October 8, 2002 – Fans on Alyssa Milano’s official message board have very little conversation about her relationship with Justin. Postings about the couple get deleted or locked as moderator Gary E Davis explains, “Guys we don’t traffic in rumors on this board.”

New *NSYNC Could Be Whatever They Want It To Be

October 5, 2002 – Zena Burns of Teen People caught up with Justin Timberlake to ask the singer what’s next for *NSYNC. He insisted the group was staying together, and as for the musical direction they’ll take to follow up ‘Celebrity’, Justin said, “We get all these questions – ‘Is your new album going to sound like Celebrity? Is it going to be more R&B?’ It could be whatever we want it to be. However we go into the studio, and whatever we’re vibing – we could want to go on to some Ben Harper stuff. We could if we wanted to, and that’s the beauty of having so many heads that have so many different influences, you know? You go in and make the music that you want to make that feels good to you, and hopefully people like it. I don’t think there’s any other way to be an artist.”

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