Justin Timberlake Is The Local Pizza Boy

WENN reports *NSYNC star has been bombarded with more than 100 calls from people ordering pizzas because his cell phone is just one digit different from that of a Los Angeles fast food outlet. Timberlake said, “I go as far as getting their addresses and telling them that their order is in the computer.”

Timberlake And Aguilera Tour Still Being Negotiated

January 16, 2003 – Launch.com reports Justin Timberlake and will head out on tour together this summer if final negotiations go as planned. “They are in discussions, but nothing’s confirmed yet,” Timberlake’s Jive Records publicist said on Wednesday (January 15).

Justin Timberlake On Total TV Germany

January 16, 2003 – Justin stopped by TV Total in Germany. Justin says it requires a lot of workout to be able to sing and dance at the same time. He says *NSYNC is still together and will probably do an album this year, before putting it out in 2004. Justin says ‘Cry Me A River’ isn’t necessarily about Britney Spears, or anyone. He also explained how he does the balance-defying dance moves. Video has since been removed.

Christina & Justin To Headline The NBA All-Star Read

January 15, 2003 – Contributed by nellysgirl: As many of you have heard, and Justin Timberlake are touring together, but these two will also be headlining the All-Star game. Ahmad Rashad and Summer Sanders are to host the Television Special. B2K and multi-platinum entertainer/actor LL Cool J will join Timberlake and Aguilera as performers for this hour-long show that will be simulcast on an unprecedented 12 different networks – ABC, TNT, Nickelodeon, Nick GAS, BET, Disney Channel, Telemundo, NBA TV, AOL Broadband, RealOne SuperPass, NBA.com’s Inside Ticket and MuchMusic (Canada). This will air Saturday, February 8th at 12 Noon (ET).

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