Justin Timberlake & JC Chasez Chill With Girlfriends At The Standard

E! Online’s Ted Casablanca reports star Justin Timberlake chilled at the Standard Lounge with bandmate and gal-pals Tara Reid and Jenna Dewan. Drooling nearby was American Idol Ryan Starr, twiddling her thumbs.

LaLa Never Had Justin Timberlake Sex Fantasies

March 5, 2003 – On MTV’s Total Request Live earlier today, LaLa was asked if she ever fantasized about hooking up with star Justin Timberlake. LaLa said, “Ever had a fantasy? No. We’re just cool. Really cool. Me and Justin have been cool for a while. But my uncle does security for *NSYNC and that’s it.” But has the thought ever entered her mind? “If I had made thoughts, I would have made it happen. No, I never had thoughts about it.”

Perfectionist Justin Timberlake Often Cries Under Pressure

March 5, 2003 – WENN reports *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake puts so much pressure on himself to reach perfection he often finds himself crying. “I think my perfectionism is something I’ve had to deal with,” he admits. “I’ve been to some crazy places in my head because I expect so much from myself and I have to remember everyone is human. I’ve been in my hotel before and just cried for no reason. I was so run down and I thought I could do so much at the same time.”

Justin Timberlake Non-Committal On Potential Iraq War

March 5, 2003 – Radio 1 reports *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake stayed neutral regarding the potential war with Iraq, but said if artists feel passionate about it, they should express their views. “I think if you’ve got a view and you want to state it, state it,” he said. So does this mean he’d write an anti-war song himself? “I don’t know. If I believed in something, yeah, obviously. I think that’s the gift that we have as songwriters – to take something you visualize and maybe show people that perspective.”

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