Justin Timberlake Moves In With Cameron Diaz

Star magazine reports Cameron Diaz and are slowly moving in together. The star quietly moved into her home in the Hollywood hills. “There weren’t moving vans or anything,” a neighbor revealed. “But his track is always in the driveway and he’s part of the neighborhood.” Timberlake’s rep says that since the singer is on tour in Europe for the next few months, he’s “living in hotel rooms, it doesn’t mean very much.”

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7 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Moves In With Cameron Diaz

  1. getalifeyall says:

    His rep is most likely a lot like his selfish fans here, they want him to be single and unhappy. I, on the other hand, wish he and Cameron the best and hope they’re very happy. However, moving in together before getting married is a tad trashy and increases the chance of breaking up. Lets hope these two stay together or at least do what’s best for themselves and each other.

  2. BroadmindedMusic says:

    I agree. Living together before marriage is a mistake. That’s something that’s special and a new experience to be shared after marriage. I’ve seen a lot of break-ups over this issue.

  3. Angel_Jtfan says:

    If Justin’s happy fine. But I dislike Cameron and I dislike the relationship.

  4. angelgurl12 says:

    This is an false article its a gossip mag no way is this true.

  5. jtluvak8 says:

    I don’t think this is true. 1. Key: SUN 2. Part of the neighborhood? He IS in Europe now. I support Justin having a girlfriend, but Cameron is not right for him. Remember things always used to be about Justin and his Mom? I heard about his mom maybe twice in the past 6 mos. Cameron is taking away.

  6. Lava33 says:

    I love Justin, but wtf is he thinking moving in with Cameron Diaz? JUSTIN, PLEASE WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE. Cameron is so wrong for you, she’s old, she’s dumb, she has the most annoying laugh ever, I don’t really like her. Sometimes she looks pretty, but who cares? She sucks! This woman is going to ruin your life as well as your career if you move in with her. BIG MISTAKE!

  7. imlovinit says:

    As I’ve been posting, I still think it’s all for publicity. And again, where’s the proof? I don’t even see proof that he’s happy with her when I see pictures of them together. He’s always angry looking. I doubt he’d move in with someone who can’t even get him to smile.

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