Justin Timberlake On TRL Tuesday

*NSYNC star Justin Timberlake stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live to perform his solo debut singles ‘Like I Love You’ and ‘Cry Me A River’ live outside in Times Square. Justin also took photographs with Jennifer Lopez and later with Halle Berry, his married celebrity crush who was secretly brought out to meet him. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: ‘Words. That’s The Donnas takin off on TRL Justin Timberlake with me “Justified” his first solo effort came out today you’ve performed all over the world. There’s got to be something special about playin’ right here in Times Square


Justin: Definitely, I mean Times Square is huge in itself and just to be part of the whole thing, the beautiful people, the beautiful people


Carson: What has your day been like today? What did you do this morning.

Justin: Man crazy I had soundchecks and interviews and all kinds of stuff.

Carson: Are you glad it is finally out so people can listen to it?

Justin: I was just happy I was able to perform, I mean that’s enough for me.

Carson: But will you perform again for us today?

Justin: Yeah I’ma do something later.

Carson: The MTV cameras have followed Justin from the very beginning of the makin’ of this album part of MTV’s artists launch, Justin Timberlake you can watch Saturday November 9th at 1 P.M. How was it with our MTV cameras?

Justin: It was cool. A bit different. Moments where I definitely had
to kick MTV out because kinda felt. I get — it gets crowded in the studio you’ll see what it is like to make an album from the very beginning to the release date. N: Good. More on that in a minute. Our first break, after that Justin with a second performance and we’ll surprise you with a superstar he admires he has no idea but we’ll give you guys at home a clue and we’ll be right back, right after this:


Elton: Who is your secret celebrity crush ha-ha.

Justin: Uhm, Halle Berry.

Elton: Heyyy.


Carson: Hello. That’s the mob scene outside of TRL today for “Spankin’ New Music Week”, that’s a live shot. Carson Daly with the top 10. Justin Timberlake just finished with a hell of a performance out there

[Inaudible] Jennifer Lopez is also on the show today with her new one “Jenny from the block” nice to have you watchin’. Justin, nice to be warm inside.

Justin: Yes.

Carson: A great performance.

Justin: It’s cold outside.

Carson: Is it difficult when it is cold.

Justin: You feel like your bones are about to break.

Carson: We have lots to do today. ‘Ll talk about nick carter at a second at 9 slipping four spots the album “now or never” expected to debut the top 20 on the billboard charts if you are interested in that. That’s Nick Carter at 9 and Kelly Clarkson at 8 up a spot today performing with the other idols in st. Lose Missouri you’ve met her. Is she nice.

Justin: She’s very nice, a very sweet girl. I don’t think I could handle all that pressure, man.

Carson: What are you talkin’ about.

Justin: The show. It’s — you cracked. You’re outta here.

Carson: It is tough. That’s Kelly at 8


Carson: You are doing a show tonight. What’s the show you are doing at the Hammerstein tonight.

Justin: Teen People magazine is having a what’s next party.

Carson: Why are you playing at that party.

Justin: Because I’m new, man.

Carson: Because of the solo Justin?

Justin: Yeah


Justin: I think Avril Lavigne will be there and Mario, it will be a really fun show.



Justin: Yeah.

Carson: It is close by. Anybody here live in new york?


Of course you have tickets to give away?

Justin: Actually, I do have


Justin: Hold on, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait wait, wait, wait, wait


Carson: There you go a couple all-access passes. That was very nice of you.

Justin: Hey, man. I do what I can do when I can do it.

Carson: We’ll send a camera crew with her, too, to see what kind of fun she has back-stage remember the face you’ll see her tonight no doubt at 7 “underneath it all” more with Justin he will perform another one so don’t move!


Carson: Justin Timberlake his album “Justified” is out today a reminder for that he joins us as we get to the top 3 most requested music videos, we’ll put that on pause for a second because J.T.It is time now for your surprise.

Justin: A surprise?!

Carson: For you. I want you to face me and shut your eyes really, really tight.

Justin: Okay.

Carson: Let’s get a good shot of his eyes don’t open them until I tell you to open them.

Justin: Okay

Carson: Let’s bring the surprise out. Don’t open your eyes surprise.

Justin: Surprise?!

Carson: Hold on. Don’t open your eyes where is the surprise surprise surprise surprise


Carson: Don’t open your eyes don’t open your eyes ahhh, he opened his eyes.

Justin: Ohhhh


Carson: Halle Berry is here, everybody


Carson: Here is the history behind this.

Justin: Booming!

Carson: Welcome to TRL.

Justin: Thank you, thank you very much thank you.

Halle: How you doin’.

Justin: I’m great good to meet you.

Carson: When you here with Elton John do you remember this.

Justin: Right. Right.

Carson: Roll that down and bring everybody up to speed

Elton: Who is your secret celebrity crush.

Justin: Uhm, Halle Berry


Justin: I guess it ain’t a secret no more.

Carson: We never forget what happens on this stage thank you for being here. Anything you want to ask her she’s standing here.

Justin: I mean I know you married and everything, but … no I’m kidding a pleasure to meet you.

Halle: love you. I’m a big fan, I adore you.

Justin: Oh thank you.

Halle: And I wish you all the luck, all the success with your new album.

Carson: Is he the luckiest guy in the world.

Justin: I hope my mama is watchin’ you in.

Carson: Since you have so much love for Justin maybe you can give him advice on women, a little love advice I know he needs it don’t leave that to me.

Halle: I think he’s doing just find, don’t you?

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