Justin Timberlake Opens Up About Britney Spears Breakup

The new People magazine has *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake opening up about his recent and very public breakup with Britney Spears. Timberlake said he can’t even say the words “break up”. He admits, “It hurts too bad to say it. You get to a point where you’re crying yourself to sleep at night.” As for all the public attention about the relationship, “I feel like I’m in the middle of a soap opera. I honestly know what it’s like to have a broken heart now.” As for the motivations for splitting, Justin’s mother Lynn Harless explained, “You can’t have a real relationship when you see each other only two days a month.”

Justin Timberlake And Mom Attend Tyson Vs. Lewis Fight

June 9, 2002 – Justin and his mother attended the WBC/IBF Heavyweight Championship bout between Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson on Saturday at The Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee. No sign of Britney Spears, who also was reported to be in town, on his arm though.

Justin Timberlake Breaks Silence On Solo Album

June 8, 2002 – Justin finally broke his silence about his secretive solo project due to drop later this year. Timberlake tells Teen People, “I’m excited about it. Everyone (in *NSYNC) is very supportive. Everyone is going to participate as much as they want to.”

Different Take On Re-Installed Timberlake Toilet Seat

June 8, 2002 – The Sun has a different take on why Britney Spears re-installed the 14-carat toilet seat. A pal revealed, “She’s over Justin now. She thinks he treated her badly and there’s only one place for him. Now she can laugh at him whenever she takes a pee.”

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7 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Opens Up About Britney Spears Breakup

  1. Fan says:

    Now Justin decides to comment? After Britney handled it all on her own, and had to deal with all the press directly? When it’s finally died down.

    What a man you are Justin. You are using this and her to give you nice pretty articles to help your solo album.

  2. jimmyp says:

    I know what a jerk. Britney gets all the crap put on her while you go and hide with the 6 strippers inside your limo. Oh I’m sure you felt bad for Britney when your freaking Jenna on the dance floor. Screw you jerk.

  3. e-bone says:

    grow up. who are you to judge how someone handles their breakup. You read a few bull (and highly entertaining…emphasis on entertaining) gossip articles and you have the man (and the woman, for that matter) all figured out.


    I’d like to see how you’d handle your breakup with nosy ass runts all up in your grill making rash judgements about things they haven’t got the slightest clue about.

  4. ckj says:

    I know us Britney lovers are right now thinking that Justin is a jerk…I don’t know why only now he has made a comment but at least he made one. I am glad that he has his solo career and i hope it works out..but Britney was the bigger person out of this she did all by herself and people have the nerve to call her stupid or ditsy…Please…..Being a women I give her props and I hope for the best. And for Justin oh well enjoy your singlehood it wont last too long soon Justin will be a has been and I know it is difficult but he really will need to work extra hard now because he is just 1 guy from a group of 5 and that will take work to be an individual…..but i think they are still seeing each other….did anyone wonder the word marriage kept coming up in the article.

  5. gwen says:

    I don’t see anything he did wrong. She just happen to be the one the media loves to pick on. I think that she put her own self out there to be expose. Never start a fire you can’t put out.

  6. Ilove98Degrees says:

    Screw Justin! LOL, have you heard the song she’s been singing on her new tour “Weakness” it’s really depressing and she said she wrote it I’d assume Justin is to blame. (WorldofBritney.com if ya wanna hear it)

  7. Fan says:

    Excuse me?

    This confession from him is 5 months too late. When it was needed, he left her high and dry to deal with it all on his own.

    While he was as he said in the article “sowing his oats, being 21” with strippers on tour. He confirmed it, it’s not tabloid rumors.

    Now his album is coming and he has to look good, so lets play victim 5 months later. After she’s dealt with it and the media isn’t on her back. He’s an ass who’s using her for publicity for himself.

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