Justin Timberlake Performs & Interviews On Last Call

*NSYNC star appeared on Last Call with Carson Daly last night to talk about his interview with Barbara Walters on ’20/20′, his new album ‘Justified’, the future of *NSYNC, how he approaches women, and whether he pees in the urinals or stalls. Later, Justin performed ‘Like I Love You’. For a transcript to the chat, read on.

Carson: [ Cheers and applause ] Let me get right into my first guest. Stars in history. He sold millions of albums, has billions of fans worldwide, and he’s the biggest thing to come out of “star search” since Sinbad.

[ Laughter ] He’s gonna perform. First, we’re gonna hang. Say hi to Justin Timberlake.

[ Cheers and applause ] Now we have to stand. No, we crazy?

Justin: I wanna stand for this interview.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: Could you imagine if you had to stand with Barbara Walters the whole time?

Justin: I’m not gonna sit down until you sit down, man.

[ Laughter ] [popdirt.com]

Carson: Yeah, all right, I’ll sit down. Barbara would have stood for 30 seconds, “I’m tired. Let’s sit, Justin.”

[ Laughter ] First of all, it’s good to have you here in this very sort of adult environment outside of Times Square.

Justin: Hey, man, I’m an adult now.

Carson: Yes, you certainly are.

[ Cheers ] You’ve been everywhere. I mean, you’ve been doing everything for “Justified,” for this album.

Justin: I sound like a prostitute.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Yes. You are a whore.

Justin: “You’re a whore.”

[ Cheers and applause ] Yeah, well, you know, I think that was the only thing I wasn’t prepared for was being everywhere all at the same time. It’s obviously very different with the other four guys, because I don’t have to do all the interviews myself. Now I have to go everywhere by myself.

[ Audience aws ] No, no, I’m not complaining.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Like we’re suppose to feel sorry for you.

Justin: I’m not complaining. I’m not complaining. I just don’t think I was prepared for it.

Carson: Why did you want to do the Barbara Walters interview?

Justin: You know, actually they asked me about it. They asked me about doing it. I don’t know. I mean, you know, you look at all the people who have done Barbara Walters interviews, and you’re like, “wow.”

Carson: But it’s funny to watch her ’cause we haven’t seen her that many with younger people who are hot today. And I don’t know if you guys saw it, but she was, like —

[ Laughter ]

Justin: Yeah.

Carson: She was, like, “and then Justin pushed the envelope musically by doing something the kids call beat boxing.”

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ] I was, like, “what?” And then she’s like, “Justin, what is this beat box you speak of?”

Justin: I know.

[ Laughter ] Like, I am the originator of — I was trying to get into this whole conversation with her about Doug E. Fresh and Biz Markie. She was, like, “who?”

[ Laughter ]

Carson: “Then they hired a choreographer, and the fans went wild.”

[ Laughter ] It was so funny to watch.

Justin: You shouldn’t pick on old people, man. You shouldn’t pick on old people.

Carson: I don’t think she’s not. I’m just saying most people do Barbara to get something off their chest or to set the record straight. In the future, if you ever want to, my services are always available. We got a great old network here at NBC if you ever want to sit down and get serious. You’re always welcome. We will take good care of you, and I will not ask you to sing the Mickey Mouse song.

Justin: Thank you.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Justin, at what point do you say — ’cause you’re one of these rare people that actually talk about everything. When do you just say, “you know what? That’s it. Enough is enough. I’m not gonna talk about it.”

Justin: That’s my approach. To me, I’m just the same as anybody sitting in this room.

Carson: I beg to differ ’cause it’s all women.

[ Laughter ]

Justin: Except for — what is this, Halloween. Except for that.

Carson: Don’t you just want to sit down and just say, “you know what? I worked hard on this record, ‘justified.’ I love to play golf. I got a new home. I don’t want to talk about Britney Spears. I don’t want to talk about who I’m dating. I don’t want to talk about that.”

Justin: Well, I think even that, you know, it’s tough to be asked those questions because you know once — it doesn’t matter what you say. It doesn’t matter what you say. They’re going to cut the things that you say. I mean, for instance, the “20/20” thing. There were things that I said in there that they cut out, and there were certain things, when you watch it on television, it looked like I was — I don’t know. I felt like they kind of made me look like a cocky bastard.

Carson: That was that damn Barbara Walters.

[ Laughter ] We have to look out for her.

Justin: No, I’m just kidding.

Carson: I don’t think so. I don’t think you came off bad at all. I don’t think so. What you’re saying is they control the interview in post, and they can put things out of order.

Justin: Yeah, and that usually happens, and that always happens on print stuff. All the print stuff, that always happens. You say something, and they interpret it the way they’re going to interpret it. And the thing that I always remember, and I’m not gonna knock anybody’s hustle, because a writer at magazines, they’re creative writers, too, and they want to make the interviews sound a lot more interesting than it probably really was.

Carson: You just think you might be at the point where it’s just like, ’cause you certainly have the clout to do it, to say, “everything’s cool.
Enough is enough with the personal stuff”?

Justin: I’m getting there.

Carson: Is the press harder on you now that you’re single or when you were in a relationship?

Justin: Honestly, I think it’s harder now. It was actually easier when people knew that me and Britney were together. I don’t know. For some reason, every girl — “now I get around.”

[ Cheers and applause ] I mean, I was in the same club as Christina Aguilera, walked up, said, “hello, hey, how you doing?”

Carson: I thought you meant the mickey mouse club. I was like, “I knew that.” I’m sorry. You meant like a night club.

[ Laughter ]

Justin: No, I was at the same club in L.A., Walked up, said, “hello. How you doing?” I had just heard “Dirrty,” and I was, like, “I think it’s hot.” We talked for, like, two minutes, and then I went on my way, and the next thing I know, me and Christina.

Carson: Right.

[ Laughter ] I felt the same way about from the Backstreet Boys. There’s just no way. There’s no way Britney’s going out with him. No way.

[ Cheers and applause ] There’s no way. And it’s not even to knock Nick, but you just know that they probably said hi or something.

Justin: Right, right.

Carson: You go to lunch with Alicia, and you guys talk about music. There’s the picture. You’re kissing her on the cheek good-bye. If “Justified” takes off, why go back to share one-fifth the money, one-fifth the creative control, one-fifth the opinion?

[ Audience ohs ]

Justin: Well, obviously, I’m not in this for the money because if I was, I would have jumped out after our first album. I mean, I’m not —

[ Cheers and applause ] Thanks. I mean, I’m not trying to sound pretentious, but we did sell 12 million records on the first album, so we did get paid a little bit.

Carson: Right.

Justin: The way I grew up, I was always taught that it’s just uncouth to talk about money, and that’s not what should inspire you. And so —

Carson: Okay, forget the money, but what about the fact that you guys have to share creative control and the opinions? I mean, why put yourself back in a group scenario?

Justin: That was easy to begin with. That was easy to begin with. That would be honestly the one reason that I would go back. To me, because it is fun making records with those guys, and everybody — the things that makes ‘n sync ‘n sync is everybody’s individuality. ‘N sync doesn’t work without joey. ‘N sync doesn’t work without lance or Chris or J.C. Or myself for that matter.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: Do you consider your time with the guys in ‘n sync, are you still a family?

Justin: Oh, definitely. Chris just left town this morning, but we went out last night, and he was here.

Carson: Question — if you’re a family, $20 million, how come you all can’t pitch in $4 million to get lance in outer space?

[ Cheers and applause ] Do the math. $4 million, that’s chump change, Justin. You probably have that on you.

[ Laughter ] And the reason I ask is actually, there’s some real truth behind it because as much as I joke about it and everybody does, if you know anything, he really does and always has wanted to go to outer space. He’s serious. Lord knows why, but he wants to go.

[ Laughter ]

Justin: And now he’s officially — I just ran into him in London when I was just there. Now he’s officially a cosmonaut. Like, he’s got the certificate and went through all the training.

Carson: The kid wants to get to outer space.

[ Laughter ] Why couldn’t you guys fork — was that it? No one could give him the $20 million?

[ Laughter ]

Justin: Well, I personally — that whole thing frightens me. Like, I’m scared to fly on planes, so I said, “look, that’s great for you, but I don’t want anything to do with this. You are it.”

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Not in paying for it. Let me ask you this quickly. If you want to go out tonight after we tape this show, is it as simple as calling some friends and meeting them out here in new york, is it always, even in a casual environment, difficult? You take how many security guards with you? A couple?

Justin: Two to three.

Carson: When you’re there at the club, do you pay?

Justin: Yeah.

Carson: For your rounds of drinks?

Justin: Uh-huh.

Carson: Do they always try — when you’re a big celebrity, everything’s free.

Justin: Sometimes they comp you a bottle.

Carson: If you’re in a club, and you have to go to the bathroom, do you go to the public one, or they have a private one for you?

Justin: Oh, come on.

Carson: I’m serious.

Justin: I go to the public one.

Carson: Do you pee in the urinal, or do you go in the stalls?

[ Laughter and applause ] I don’t really want to know.

[ Laughter ] I think it’s a legitimate — I know when I go, there’s usually college guys that are like, “you play ‘n sync,” and they want to hit me over the head with a bottle.

[ Laughter ] I swear to god. I always pee in the stall. I lock the door.

[ Laughter ] And I sit down.

[ Laughter ] Just for the hell of it.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Justin: Honestly, when I go to a club, I don’t usually get stuff like that. Everybody’s usually really kind. The bathroom usually has a line outside, so I’ll take the first available. It’s usually a urinal, Carson, because I have this whole thing about number two in public places.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: Okay. Good. We gotta take a break. One more, though, real quick. When you’re in that club, if you do happen to see a girl that you find attractive that you would like to talk to, maybe somebody that you don’t know, can you give me 30 seconds on how you approach that? Do you send somebody, say, “i want to meet her”?

Justin: I never — look.

[ Laughter ] Me, everything that I do, everything that I do, I always — like I said before, I feel like I’m a fan of music. And I know a lot of people who are here tonight are fans of music, and that’s what I think makes us all equal. I don’t think like I’m —


Carson: I don’t think that you think that you are, either. I know you, and you’re so humble.

Justin: To support that statement, if I saw somebody that I thought was attractive, I’d just tell ’em.

Carson: You’d go right up to ’em?

Justin: Sure, why not?

Carson: Why not, I agree.

[ Cheers and applause ] We gotta take a break. He’s gonna perform for us in just a little bit.

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