Justin Timberlake Phones Carson On TRL

Justin Timberlake of phoned into MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday. Justin talked about life as a bachelor, his upcoming solo album, and his foundation to help music education and its partnership with the American Music Conference. Carson seemed to get pretty bored with Justin’s pitch that went on and on. They wrapped up by joking about Lance Bass and his journey to reach outerspace. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: All right my next guest was — music was a big part of helping obviously Justin become a huge celebrity in the world of music and more and now he is returning the favor he’ll tell but it you are on the phone what ‘up.

Justin: Oh, my god is this Carson?!

Carson: Oh, my god is this Justin


Carson: Wha’ssup.

Justin: I’m good how but you.

Carson: Very good. It’s been like two months since you ended the tour. Where the hell have you been? I heard were you golfing.

Justin: I’ve been playin’ in golf and in the studio, man workin’ on an album.

Carson: Your solo album.

Justin: Yeah.

Carson: What does it sound like. In the studio how different than when you are in the studio with *NSYNC making it drastically different on purpose?

Justin: I’m not doing anything that feels contrived. I one even speak on what it sounds like, man. It’s like sayin’ it’s the best movie you have ever seen and you go see it and it sucks, so ….

Carson: You obviously like it you don’t want to talk about it and jinxing it.

Justin: Exactly. I’ll let it speak for itself you know what I mean.

Carson: A Neptunes vibe or, like we will dance to it.

Justin: You are gonna dance.

Carson: I probably won’t but drink a beer.

Justin: We don’t want you to that’s scary.

Carson: You are in people’s 50 most eligible bachelors that’s got to be weird for you


Carson: Some girls in our audience actually have the lay-out, single solo and 21, how is life at a bachelor, Justin?

Justin: It’s I didn’t know it was this fun but it’s fun.

Carson: Honestly it really is great right once you get beyond the normal stuff of getting used to your sort of new life being a bachelor, being young and successful has to be a great time in your life now.

Justin: It is good when you get time by yourself anyway you get to figure out things about yourself and spirituality and all that stuff, so ….

Carson: Right. You got a girlfriend?

Justin: That would make me not eligible wouldn’t it?

Carson: I just thought I would ask your partnership with this conference, describe what this is.

Justin: I about a year ago started my own foundation to help music education because growin’ up in school I never really had a lot of music education and I wanted to make sure that any kid who had a dream like I did and didn’t have access to it could actually have access to it and we’ve done so many different things and now we started a partnership with American Music Conference and, uhm, what’s going on is there’s an online [Inaudible] That anybody from — kids from 1 to 92 can go online and sign on to this position and what it says is that, you know, you are basically tellin’ your congressmen and world leaders that you want music education, you want some sort of outlet in schools and other — and other venues, too. It’s a…

Carson: Your idea is there not a lot of music going on in schools. I thought there was in sort of every school right now but you are saying not really and people can log on and make sure there is a strong music program in schools.

Justin: Yeah, definitely. Just another step people can make to help, you know, make a difference.

Carson: Okay. Where does everybody watchin’ TRL today where do you want them to go?

Justin: You can basically go on there, there’s different things you can go on and give your information, your name, e-mail address, your telephone number, whatever, and as soon as you click on you basically are on the petition. And the company that’s heading up the website will make sure it gets to the congressmen and all the world leaders that it needs to see and there’s also another section where you can go and actually write your own letter to congress. Stating what you would like to see happen and, uhm, I mean, basically I — urge young people, you know, anybody who sittin’ in the studio there and watchin’ right you in.

Carson: We are hearin’ ya


Justin: Come up with your own idea, you know what I mean, with something that, I mean something crazy that you think should go on in school to help — to help music, so.

Carson: We just came up with a bunch of good ideas and definitely will do that and go to the website. I got of go we are sort of 5 minutes over but quickly did Lance go to space?

Justin: I don’t know, man.

Carson: Is he in space now?

Justin: I always thought his head was in space, so it is appropriate.

Carson: Ha-ha fair enough. Best of luck in the studio. Enjoy your newfound bachelor life. We are happy for you and congratulations on this partnership. Sounds like a good gig and come see us in New York.

Justin: You owe me a golf game.

Carson: I know, I know we’ll get to it, I promise Justin Timberlake, everybody

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