Justin Timberlake Says ‘Never Again’ Ain’t About Britney Spears

Katrillion caught up with *NSYNC star and asked the singer whether his ‘Justified’ single ‘Never Again’ is about his breakup with Britney Spears. “There was no particular song where I could, where I would say that somebody particular was in mind,” Justin said. “When I write a song… it’s just kind of written about how I guess I would have felt from that perspective… I think half of the album does come from personal experience but the other half is completely fantasized, made up. Maybe I was living in a matrix, I don’t know.”

Timberlake & Lachey Comment On Their Boy Band Futures

November 1, 2002 – Gary Graff of United Press International spoke with star and Justin Timberlake about their respective solo debuts, and the future of their respective groups. Justin says, “I know for a fact when we come back to make another *NSYNC record, everybody’s gonna have these other ideas. The challenge is going to be trying to get a certain kind of focus on a certain kind of sound. I think we’ll rise to the challenge.” For his part, Carter said, “I want to do another album, but we’re gonna definitely have to change some things around when it comes to the music. Hopefully I can bring a new vibe to the band. It’s almost like somebody stepping out of their family for a little bit and going to college or something, increasing their knowledge towards whatever they want.”

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