Justin Timberlake Sick During The CFTC Weekend

Contributed by nellysgirl:

*NSYNC star became sick suddenly over the CFTC weekend this year with a sinus infection. Which would be the reason why he hasn’t gone to any of the parties but was still able to play the CFTC games. A Alike from the JJB bumped into Justin Timberlake’s mom Lynn Harless and asked her why he’s not going out and why he brought Cameron…Read on for her encounter.

My friend Seven saw Lynn Harliss today, and approached her. She says that Lynn has two of her own bodyguards that were with her. She appeared to be very hungover, but was very nice. Seven asked her what the deal was with Justin…( Seven is pretty blunt about things…laughs) This is what Lynn said. Justin is very sick and has been for days. Lynn said that Justin hadn’t been going anywhere at night the last few days and was going to bed early so he could focus on the days sporting events. that he felt really bad and like a @#%$ ( yes Lynn said @#%$) because he couldn’t attend the evening events and some of the money goes to his own JT Foundation. Lynn says that Justin knows that people were disappointed in him not going but he really isn’t feeling well and was advised to take it as easy as possible so he can recover as soon as possible.

Now….this is the funny part to me, and please keep in mind that I am just relaying what I was told…..Seven asked Lynn why the hell he brought Cameron this weekend ( I did mention she was blunt right?) Seven said that Lynn made this odd face…not quite a grimace…but an odd face none the less and said that she doesn’t know much about Justin bringing her but that she has her own agenda. I asked Seven about this part a few times, so I could get it as verbatim as possible.

At this point Lynn’s bodyguards started to pull her away, but Seven did get a picture with her, and she said that Lynn was a lot taller in person as well as much prettier.

So that’s that folks. I can’t 100 % say it’s true. Lynn is as adept at PR spin as anyone I’d imagine, but that’s what she told someone I know. It is interesting though, at least, right?…:)

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