Justin Timberlake Stops By ‘TRL’

*NSYNC star stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live. Timberlake talked about his foot injury, the status of *NSYNC, his latest video ‘Cry Me A River’ and the controversy it has created, and more. When his bandmate JC Chasez saw his ‘She’s Blowin’ Me Up’ open the show at #10, he explained like they have fans do, “I’m Justin and I want to vote for JC Chasez he’s hot with his long hair and dancin’ his tail off in this video ‘She’s Blowin’ Me Up’… Oh, my God!” Speaking of religion, on the west coast at least, when the VJ’s compared his appearance to Jesus (I assumed that was the bleeped word anyways), they bleeped it out. Read on for a transcript.

TRL: is time to bring out our first guest, a friend of mine, I love him so much, ha-ha


TRL: Wha’ssup, baby?!

Justin: What’s goin’ on.

TRL: How is the foot?

Justin: It’s cool.

TRL: Man, I can’t — I can’t bring you to the window ’cause it’s gonna be crazy.

Justin: Yeah.

Justin: We’ll over there in a while. Eah, yeah.

TRL: What’s the deal, J.What you doin’ in town.

Justin: Man I did the s-100 Jingleball last night hanging out in town, may go to the studio and work, I don’t know

TRL: Any holiday shopping how is that goin’.

Justin: Yeah I’m actually doing a lot of holiday shopping I got two brothers to buy for, so ….

TRL: What are you gonna get lance, what are you gonna get lance.

Justin: A helmet.


Justin: I don’t know.

TRL: We have a lot to talk about today.

Justin: All right. All right.

TRL: I’m keeping you with me a while.

Justin: I’ll still around. [popdirt.com]

TRL: A lot to talk about stick around a quick break but I thought you wanted to kick it with Justin on the phone we’ll give you a chance at home to do that and inside Tupac and Nas’ so stay tuned we got more with Justin Timberlake.


TRL: Oh, times square, with me in Times Square. All these people just to see you. Look at all those people.

TRL: That is crazy. They are all over the place much love to everybody outside!


Justin: What’s going on, everybody out there?

TRL: Exactly. Welcome back to TRL I’m joined by Justin Timberlake now, Justin, first of all congratulations on your album doing so well. The album is crazy.

Justin: Thank you.

TRL: We talked about some songs, it was off the hook. Was I pressure being without the rest of the guys of NSYNC did you feel nervous.

Justin: At first I was but once the writing started and we got rollin’ with everybody you know I was confident. I just wanted it to sound reminiscent where I came from growin’ up from Memphis, home of the blues and a lot of gospel.

TRL: Once you got into your zone.

Justin: Once I was in the studio with Pharrell and Timbaland.

TRL: Yeah, we got to say what ‘up to them they gave you some joints, for real.

TRL: JC was here yesterday.

Justin: His song is hot right.

TRL: It is. There he is we looked at him now. I thought he looked fine but a lot of people want to know wha’ssup with his new hairstyle.

Justin: I think it’s cool.

TRL: I did, too. What do you think it’s cool, you love it?

Justin: Free-wheelin’ and dealin’.

TRL: For sure. Justin in your album liner notes you wrote Chris, JC it makes me proud to be your friend and watch you shine in all your endeavors I can’t wait for our new NSYNC album.

[Crowd simultaneously] Ohh.

Justin: I wouldn’t have done this album if all four of them wouldn’t have been behind me a hundred percent. That’s how we are we started as friends regardless of whether we get to make another record again knock on wood but I mean we’ll always be friends and that’s the most important thing to me we’ll always be brothers.

TRL: He said you will definitely do another *NSYNC record.

Justin: Yes, we will.

TRL: I need for you to say that.

Justin: Yes.

Justin: Yes.

Justin: We’ll do another NSYNC album.

Justin: In the studio next year at some time.

TRL: That’s hot. We’ll somehow you the brand new Nas video after your no. 7 Jennifer Lopez “Jenny from the block”


TRL: yeah. No. 7 “Jenny from the block” J-lo “Jenny from the block” we are about to watch the new Tupac and Nas video “Thug Mansion” basically a safe haven from your problems where you escape it all.

TRL: What do you do to escape the chaos going on about you.

Justin: You know, what I hang out with my mom. We have a lot of fun together. He had is actually in the city with me and will help me with Christmas shopping. Thank you mom.

TRL: Hi, mom, for real Justin let sees it get into the video.

Justin: I’m excited.

Justin: I heard it was crazy.

TRL: Off their album it the is Tupac featuring Nas called “Thug Mansion”


TRL: That is in stores today. Justin we’ll get you as close to the fans at home as possible I’m sending you to the phones.

Justin: Let’s go.

TRL: Go answer the phone and talk to some people call (888) 311-4343 to speak to Justin not yet.

Justin: I want to talk to them now!


TRL: Justin is back with us.

Justin: Thank you, you sir.

TRL: How was it talkin’ to your fans.

Justin: It was cool, man it was cool. I talked it people from Massachusetts from — from new york from the block from Georgia, from Tennessee it was crazy. It was cool.

TRL: Justin, let’s go outside. Come on, baby.

Justin: Here we go.

Justin: Oh, oh, oh


Justin: Oh, my god. So many people.

TRL: — Going crazy trying to control this mess Justin the fight for your rights charity auction ends today and some NSYNC stuff is on the block

Justin: Right.

TRL: The bidding for the stocking is over $400 how does it feel to know people say that much for you guys’ stuff.

Justin: We do a lot for charity and the people realize what they are doing goes for a good cause, that a blessing it’s definitely a good feeling


TRL: Check out the action on MTV.com.

TRL: If they start the old homes like with Eminem.


TRL: You start to worry.

Justin: Yeah, exactly.

TRL: Our final break. Justin you can’t hide behind the phone this is we corner you about your video of a lot of controversy surrounding it we’ll get down to item them in, — b2k who took the top the we’ll out and more with Justin …


TRL: Still crowded and crazy in times square what a day! Welcome, welcome back to TRL


TRL: In case you don’t know Justin is here.

TRL: Yes, in case you’ve been hiding under a rock Justin Timberlake is in the house and your battle for no. 1 on the way.

TRL: A lot of biggests are through TRL on the show. We like the mo start talking to each other a little bit, interactivity we have it with the fans and artists but now we want it between the artists and artists we will call this call pass the mic.

Justin: This is it.

TRL: That’s right.

TRL: What you will do is ask and Sandra Bullock a question coming Monday.

TRL: After she answers your question she will ask someone else a question.

TRL: Like a chain.

TRL: It is gonna work it sounds complicated.

Justin: I get it. I get it. All right.

TRL: What’s your question for her.

Justin: I know when I did the “cry me a river” video kind of like an acting roll for me a couple days after the video I still felt a little cooky and crazy. What I want to do when you do a role in a movie and they go to post and it’s done do you still take that character with you? That’s a pretty good question right.

TRL: A damn good question.

Justin: I be thinking. I be thinking a lot y’all think I just be singing but I be thinking.

TRL: There has been a lot said about your video “cry me a river”.

A right.

TRL: We’ll talk about that after your no. 2 request b2k “bump, bump, bump”


TRL: No. Kelly Clarkson “a moment like 2, to boys of B2K

Justin: [ Singing ] .

TRL: Justin as a lame white male


Justin: You were dancing with us, man.

TRL: Can you like show me some moves, I got to get the ladies.

Justin: See, I got a new one, I got a new one this is called the limp.

TRL: I think I’ve done that before.

TRL: Wait that’s how I ordinarily dance nice, thank you.

TRL: All right now time to talk about the video and of course they leave it up to me, Lala to talk all about. All right. Now this this video we kinda see a dark he does side playing like a stalker. How was it you know transitions into that kind of —

Justin: Well, you know how the video came about was Francis Lawrence the director came to me with the treatment like this song kinda goes a dark vibe I wanted to go for something edgy like the matrix and sorta dark. I was for it man I definitely wanted to do something different. I feel the song was different and you know it’s kinda crazy because when you do a concept-driven video he can — it can eats be really cool or corny so I knew

TRL: Thank you.

Justin: I knew, I knew with getting a director like Francis who shoots things so cinematically I was gonna get such a cool video.

TRL: Justin when you make a video like this people are gonna talk.

Justin: Of course.

TRL: People are just gonna talk now Britney.

TRL: It is kinda creepy.

TRL: Britney called in and said boys will be boys so Justin.

Justin: Boys will be boys.


TRL: But you know what, we’re gonna end all this like I promise you’ll never hear anything else about this out of my mouth.

Justin: All right.

Justin: I tuned into TRL yesterday and I saw something said the word is on — the war is on there is no war nobody is at war and this — my — my known on the video is the video speaks for itself eats when you watch it you you have a sense of hum more or you don’t.

TRL: Final word. That is the final word why don’t you go ahead and introduce it no. 1.

Justin: This is me thanks for votin’ me no. 1 “Cry me a river”

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