Justin Timberlake To Provide Super Bowl Surprise

Lizzzbeth on the JJB forum revealed that *NSYNC star will be the “suprise performer” at the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday in Houston, Texas. After returning from the rehearsal, she said, “I was so excited I couldn’t stop screaming, and I don’t get all teeny usually they were playing for the first time, the full track of the performance for the halftime show to us over the loudspeakers outside, and the woman said, “We have a suprise… Guess who?” and the beginning beats of ‘Rock Your Body’ began to play (like the beginning of the one from his concerts) and we all went NUTS! We got to see them rehearse and rehearse the show over and over, but I won’t go into too many details if y’all don’t want me too, because It needs to be a surprise too!”

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