Justin Timberlake Upset About Britney Spears And K-Fed

I was just watching ‘E! News Live’ and Ted Casablanca was talking about traveling with her new boyfriend Kevin Federline in Madrid and Milan. He said that reporters at the Cannes Film Festival told him that news of Britney’s new boyfriend reached and made him really upset. Casablanca said ever since Justin found out about Britney with another guy he’s been really frustrated and walking around with a frown on his face because he can’t seem to get her off of his mind. French handlers who spent time with Justin in Cannes said he seemed hurt that she is falling in love with someone else. Even though he’s dating Cameron Diaz, Britney’s new relationship is apparently upsetting and hurting the star.

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One thought on “Justin Timberlake Upset About Britney Spears And K-Fed

  1. britneyfan no.1 says:

    OMG!!!!thats so cute.justin is still in love with Britney.and it just kills him inside to see Britney with another man and falling in love again,owwww:(
    He really can’t get her off of his mind.man I really really hope that they are getting back together pretty soon because they are JUST MEANT TO BE!!!!!!

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