Justin Timberlake Vs. Janet Jackson

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Just wanted to get some feedback from people all around the world. I feel Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC and just as much to blame as Janet Jackson is. There were two people up on that stage and if the whole thing would have come off in a positive light instead of a negative one he would be just “loving it.” But I have lost a lot of respect for Justin Timberlake as an Artist and as a Man. Being a man myself I feel he took the punk A** why out of it and put all the blame on Janet. She knows what she did. And I feel it was wrong even if a red lace bra was to show, that was just not appropriate for CBS at 5 in the evening.

At least she has the self respect for her family, friends, and fans, to stand up and say I’m wrong and I take the blame. Justin Timberlake man what are you doing? Use your head and do the right thing. No one force you to do what you did, just “BE A MAN ABOUT IT” as Toni Braxton would say. Sorry but I lost respect for him. Cameron should beware of him, if he throws a good friendship away like the one with Janet imagine what he tell Cameron at nights. Guys Post what you want, this is all so over rated now.

Sharon Osbourne Says Janet Should’ve Shown Both Breasts

February 5, 2004 – Sharon Osbourne says that she is angry about Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s risque Super Bowl halftime show – because she wanted to see more. “I was very disappointed by it and all I can say is, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, I love you both and much respect to you, but own it! You did it, own it,” she said during her syndicated ‘The Sharon Osbourne Show’ which aired Wednesday. “And next time, take both (breasts) out! Not just one – both! Come on! … CBS says they ‘regret the incident’ and NFL says they’re ‘extremely disappointed.’ Well I was disappointed in just seeing one.”

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7 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Vs. Janet Jackson

  1. devil_of_the_paradise says:

    I’m a girl,lol…. but I still have respect for Justin because in the music business we ALWAYS see these kinda things…. Britney and Madonna, Janet and Justin,xtina…everyone! and its not Justin so I don’t really care about it…. and its just a breast..a body part…. so I think it COULD b like Britney and Madonna kiss too,i mean it can b said “OH!” and then be forgotten again! but people exaggerated it and people were like “OH!” now they are like “OH MY GOD!”,but I still have respect for both….. and Janet has been doing these kinda things for like 10 years…what about Madonna? she has been doing these for 20 YEARS….and no one said anything but Janet does one thing and BOOM!

  2. Kizzardkid says:

    Yep I feel the same way, but I’m not a guy, but yeah there were two people on that stage and she was not the one who pulled off her own bra thingy. But what can you do? I think he punked out because he was up for Grammys and what not but whatever, I’m still sticking by my girl Janet cause she’s awesome, all though I’m not diggin the new single its all good. Rock on Janet!

  3. YogiBear says:

    first it was that song about Britney “cry me a river,” putting out their relationship like that to get the public’s sympathy, then that PUNK’D episode where he was crying like a *****, and now he’s letting Janet take all the heat for the halftime show, intentionally not supporting her just to protect his career and image… At least JC Chasez has more balls to bash the NFL for going to far.

  4. ballersfantasy says:

    Well, I’m a girl but I will say JT is a lil’ punk! Before the show he was all going around saying there was gonna be this huge surprise, but now that we saw the surprise, he’s all denying it. What a coward. Then again, he never stood up for his actions. I saw him in an interview he did backstage at the Grammys rehearsal, and he looked like he was sh**ting bricks when he was talking about the halftime show.

  5. jtluvak8 says:

    Completely disagreed. He sincerely is ashamed. And there is a video too. I’ve never EVER seen him so serious or embarrassed. He’s not the kind of guy that would let his family (and fans) see that. He has brothers that are 5 and 10, and grandparents who live for him. And admit it, nobody would have said anything if she had a bra on. And if he really did mean to do it, I know that he would like, kid around and act like an @$$ (because he gets all giddy and weird like that), but he really did not mean it. He’s just, my boy. I can’t, and I refuse to believe that he did this on purpose. I just think it’s very shallow to say he did, because you haven’t seen all the coverage.

  6. zunderwood says:

    I am a guy and I believe Justin is a PUNK! Let me tell you first, I am not and will NEVER be a Justin Timberlake fan. I think he is a fake and trying WAY too hard to be down! The whole Janet breast ‘thing’ is overrated! I like many men since a young age have seen breasts. The fact that Justin is trying to put the situation all on Janet is ridiculous. He was on stage with her too. If he did not try to rip off her costume like, he was opening a car door, the piece of fabric would have stayed on! Janet, some advice for next time: Do NOT Get A Boy To Do A Man’s Job!

  7. FuturePast says:

    He is a punk and he did try to blame her because of the Grammys. First of all, the line before he pulls off her thingy is “get you naked” Now, don’t tell me he didn’t have an inkling. He knew it, they both did. He then goes on to say she is using him for publicity. He is a jerk. He has always been one, and always will be.

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