Justin Timberlake Was A Well Behaved Hard Working Student

was a well-behaved hard studying student growing up in an affluent town at Bramdean School in Heavitree, Tennessee, biographer Sean Smith tells This Is Exeter. “Justin went to only one school, which was great for me because it was easy to find his old schoolmates,” Smith revealed. “It’s a close-knit, local community there so there were plenty of people who remembered him. It turned out he was in the special stream at school for extra bright kids. Justin was a bit of a school swot. My experience of pop stars is that they are very street smart but not that hot academically. That doesn’t apply to Justin. He was a straight A student and was even in the algebra club.” Smith also believed the apparent ex- star is unlikely to re-unite with Britney Spears. “It’s one of those things where people grow up together and have so much in common but then drift apart when they become adults,” he said. “They both had a crush on each other even when they were very young. The celebrity lifestyle, with the long distances and separations, was the death knell for them.”

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