Justin Timberlake Will Be Back With *NSYNC For One-Off Summer Gig

The Glasgow Daily Record reports says *NSYNC will be back on stage for a one-time performance, including Justin Timberlake. “I still speak to everyone in *NSYNC. We had a conference call the other day. The guys are all great,” Timberlake said. “Joey is deciding whether to shoot an independent film or go back to Broadway. Chris is finishing off his solo record. Lance is working on a TV show and is still hoping to go into space as the world’s youngest cosmonaut. Meanwhile, we are going to get together in July for a charity event, then we’ll get back together after that once the right songs are in place. When the right material gets together, we’ll cut a record. We’re all talking about it. Making a record together again is going to be People have asked why we want to be in a band when we can be doing our own things. But why not do both? The solo life is lonely, but being in a band is great. Justin is cool with it. He understands why it’s a good idea. The band is inseparable and we figure if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Radio Disney Knows Tweens Are The Ones To Watch

April 5, 2004 – According to The Hollywood Reporter, when it comes time to launch the next generation of stars with tween appeal, Radio Disney appears poised to be an integral part of the strategic planning sessions by the music industry’s hippest decision-makers. “They’re responsible for a lot of success,” says Joe Riccitelli, senior vice president of pop promotion at Jive Records, which represents many among the first generation of mega-artists of teen and tweendom, including Britney Spears, *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys. “I can’t say that they’re responsible for Britney Spears being the icon that she’s become, but if you look at their playlist, ‘Oops! … I Did It Again’ is still being played 30 times a week.” The entire story at hollywoodreporter.com has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Will Be Back With *NSYNC For One-Off Summer Gig

  1. texassoftballchick says:

    No one cares anymore!! Justin Timberlake could go solo. At least he has a personality. JC Chasez is still a horny adolescent who has more looks than talent. Lance could go into space tomorrow and no one would notice. He is the least talented member of N Sync. Joey and Chris have already been forgotten by the rest of the world. They need an N Sync reunion to keep from being homeless.

  2. Pami says:

    It’s great that *Nsync are getting back together to do a record, I couldn’t be more pleased & excited for them & us fans that have waited for over 2 long years since the celebrity tour, bring it on guys, can’t wait to see what you’ve got for us this time!!!!!:) The anticipation I know will be well worth waiting for!:) I hope this time you guys are here to stay, like you said at the Madison square garden tour!:) You are the total ultimate!

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