Justin Timberlake Wins Libel Case Against British Tabloid

on Wednesday won substantial libel damages from British newspaper News of the World that claimed he had had an affair behind his girlfriend Cameron Diaz’s back with model Lucy Clarkson. “Yet again, a tabloid has been caught lying,” the *NSYNC star’s spokesman Ken Sunshine said. “Thankfully the judicial process worked, but how many cases like this will it take before these tabloids feel obligated to print the truth? Have they no shame?”

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4 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake Wins Libel Case Against British Tabloid

  1. hooker says:

    I’m not a huge fan of justin/nysnc, but, I do like their song, “this I promise” I like that song a lot, woho. congrats justin. go kick fat/ugly asses. by the way, that, mtv, according to some press, I don’t know, if, it’s true, they say, they’re BIAS? don’t know, if, it’s true, come on, people, let us not be biased to anyone, please, or, else, you too, your time will come, someday, trust me. woho, god is really good, my favorite pretty decent famous, latina dancing queen is really of good moral values, nothing compares, no matter what others say. go ya go, love that beauty queen till death, god is so good eh, doesn’t want commitment, marriage, not in a hurry, one can’t really hurry love, that’s my decent girl, woho!!! thank god, and, thanks all!! my pretty decent dancing queen, michael buble, gavin degraw are still very much single, there is still hope, life is good eh, woho, oh ya baby!

  2. crazyjt64 says:

    Well at least he won some money for it.

  3. chasezsmells says:

    How many sources of income can one person have!? 1.Music 2. McDonald’s 3. Clothing Line 4. 3 movies 5. lawsuits Dammit I think I’m only capable of doing one of those things….and I can’t even do that until I claim citizenship…..*****.

  4. Thehottie says:

    Both Cameron and Justin have cheated on each other,so why take that much trouble?

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