Justin Timberlake’s A Good Guy At TRL Performance

Contributed by KayTlinn:

I was at *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake’s Live Performance outside in Times Square for TRL and I read a story saying he was an “arrogant bastard.” Well MTV was not prepared, they were very unorganized.. they were telling us all different things to do, and who to talk to and saying we were at the wrong place. I went down to NYC thinking I was going inside the studio just like half the people who were on line with an email in hand. Now my email just said that I was invited to “JUSTIN’S PERFORMANCE” but little did I know it was outside.

I was so disappointed that we were stuck outside b/c I had went to TRL the last time Justin was there and stood outside, why would I do that again? We waited on line forever then finally got let out near the stage. The crowd was loud and pushing and then Justin came out…. the chaos began. He walked down the aisle and we weren’t allowed to touch him but I put my hand out (like a lot of others) and felt his nice leather coat sleeve.

Justin during the commercial break was nice to the crowd. He thanked us for being there and braving the cold for him. My friend Deanna and I started a “beatbox chant” and he then started to beatbox the beat “Grindin” by Clipse. IT was great. So the point I’m getting to is Justin is down to earth and appreciates the love he gets from his fans. No he did not sign autographs, No he did not come down and shake anyone’s hands BUT that’s good because that would have started a stampede which was happening even tho he was on stage.

His performances were great BUT if I could change one thing it would be MTV. They need to be MORE organized. When asked to tell some kids to stop cutting a man who worked for MTV responded “Hey we have nothing to do with that.” It was a dangerous atmosphere and I’ve decided I will find other times to go to MTV and those times will be when isn’t there because its too chaotic and I already touched him, now I can live life happily;) I left satisfied with Justin and disappointed with MTV being so organized… but I guess that’s TV for ya.

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