Justin Timberlake’s Close Call With Ex In Miami

Us Weekly reports Britney Spears and ex-lover Justin Timberlake had an uncomfortable encounter at Miami hot spot Prive on July 18th. Spears saw the *NSYNC star dancing with new girlfriend Cameron Diaz — the two had been on the dance floor for hours when she arrived — at 2:30 am. “She was put on the other side of the club,” a source said. “Because it was a sensitive issue, and the club didn’t want her to know he was there.” After a while, Spears “took a stroll, and on the other side of the club she saw them dancing. She stared at them for a good minute and then immediately stormed out.” The source adds that Timberlake and Diaz “were totally oblivious. They were having such a hot time.”

Justin Timberlake Breaks Sales Record At House Of Blues Show

July 26, 2003 – Contributed by nellysgirl: Last week Justin performed in Chicago at the House of Blues and broke records by selling 1,300 tickets in one minute and four seconds according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The reporter, Susanna, called the mini concert “raunchier-than-usual set” since he’s playing in front of a 21 and older crowd he can pretty much do whatever he wants. The Black Eyed Peas appeared on the set with Justin singing ‘Where is the Love’ which is off their album ‘Elephunk’.

Timberlake Makes Smoother Transition Than Aguilera

July 25, 2003 – Joshua Klein of the Chicago Tribune reviewed the Justified & Stripped tour stop at the Allstate Arena on Tuesday (July 22). Klein says Christina Aguilera’s “voice, not to mention the charisma-deficient singer herself, was lost amid all the mechanical thrills.” As for Justin Timberlake, Klein says the singer “has made a much smoother transition to maturity… Timberlake had eight dancers as well, but unlike Aguilera, he didn’t seem lost without them.”

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