Justin Timberlake’s Phone Number Jam

The Enquirer reports *NSYNC star had gal pal Cameron Diaz furious when he asked a cheerleader from the Los Angeles Lakers for her phone number. Justin worked his way out of the jam by explaining that he just wanted to use the cheerleader as a dancer in his next video and would give the number to his producer.

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18 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake’s Phone Number Jam

  1. Tori Paschke says:

    My mommy loves you she has all your music on her iPod she want to marry and have kids her name is Christine Gasser

  2. Hollie says:

    You are the man! Come back to Arizona. Please

  3. skye hunt 317-408-4702 says:

    omg you are so cool I’m only 11 but I’m so in love with you. Call me please it will make my dreams come true

  4. Daisy says:

    hey Justin just wanted to tell you that your the best and that I’m hoping you can come down to the RGV in south Texas. Well as you know people here like you very much as I do. Well hope you can come!!!!
    LOVE, Daisy, 15, TX

  5. Ryan D Lutz says:

    What up Justin I want to work with you and do some songs and sh** or act. I live in Springfield, OH. I would give you a call and sh** but I don’t have your number but if you want to work something out hit me up on Myspace and when you do I will not tell any body K.
    My Myspace is [removed] that is my e-mail for myspace. peace dude

  6. tabitha james says:

    Justin I love you I am 13 but I love all your songs and think you are cute I hope I get to meet you I am a huge fan and I would love if you came to Tomah Wisconsin so I can make my dreams cum to email me on myspace

  7. ana says:

    hi I’m only 10 years old just turned 10 on july8 and your so cool and my friends think your hot and I do too if you could email me I would have the best life ever

  8. Antonio says:

    Hello Justin,
    I know you have lots of fans but if you can come to Black Hawk Middle School in Eagan than that will be so cool thanks

  9. omg thanx 4 the call says:

    hey Justin just wanted to say thanks so much for calling me on my birthday my best friend didn’t believe me when I told her you called we love you please come to Arkansas soon
    love n hugs
    your #1 fan

  10. RobertAsse says:

    Hey babe, will you marry me some day???
    Your so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!
    love your penis

  11. MichellePiper says:

    Hi Justin, Your music is awesome!!!!!!!!!!
    Everyone in my family loves you! Which is 409 people.

  12. sandra says:

    Justin I love you so much, I love you’re all song, my English are not so good, I am 14 years old and I came from Austria, but I love you Justin I’d would all for you you makes me crazy, oh Justin I love you so much, more than my own life :'(:'( I felt in love :( :( my number is but I would be happy to called me :( this is my desire all of my life :'( you are the best I love you

  13. zaina212651080640 says:

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  14. cassidy says:

    You are so cool and I need to surprise my mom with this comment she loves your music and so do I my favorite song is “what comes around goes around” just comment back you will I hope thanks.

  15. hanane says:

    Justin no one love you the way I love you I m crying right now because you are not by my side I hate Jessika because she could kiss you any time she wanted…
    Justin I’m asking you to marriage …will you accept???
    I’m ready to do any thing for you ..and make sure that I love you and I will love forever and I will marry no one or even date guys…please if you will read my message just call for one time please just one time….you should feel guilty I’m really broken …I love you from the bottom of my heart your sincerely Nina Timberlake.

  16. Amari says:

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  18. Jordan Lee says:

    Hey, i know you wont respond to us….but if you did i can provide. , a lit of pot

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