Justin’s Jealous Rage As Cameron Dances With Another Man

The Sun reports star flew into a jealous rage and stormed out of a nightclub when girlfriend Cameron Diaz danced with another man at the ‘Kill Bill’ after party in New York. “Justin and Cameron were with a group of friends when they arrived and looked like they were happy,” a witness at Suede explained. “They ordered drinks and seemed to be having a good time until Cameron got up on a podium and started dancing with a guy. At first Justin pretended not to notice but the dancing started to get hot and you could see he was uncomfortable. Eventually he went over to Cameron and told her to stop because she was making a fool of herself. She refused, told him to grow up and then he charged off out of the club.” Read more.

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7 thoughts on “Justin’s Jealous Rage As Cameron Dances With Another Man

  1. LiLGrrl3369 says:

    Assuming this is true, no Justin haters can say anything bad about this. Who wouldn’t be mad if their boyfriend/girlfriend was freak dancing with another girl/guy? Actually, I guess (just to get into the spirit of things) you could say that he was jealous that Cameron was dancing with his date…lol.

  2. babet says:

    Ok…..i’d be pretty steamed too. but Justin has to cool it with the jealousy thing. but that’s IF this is true.

  3. muzik_luver says:

    This is funny!! Good! break up please!! I love you though Justin!! You are too good for her!

  4. Lotus says:

    Well I guess he wished he was Cameron.. Justine knows that the walls have eyes and if she’s flirting with other guys while Justin is in the same room people might finally figure out that this is just another pr-sham

  5. Carrie says:

    I feel sorry for Justin. He falls for the wrong women. That’s lack of respect on her part. If she did it behind his back wouldn’t be so bad. Getting hot with another man while your man is there, jeez that’s low and tacky. Justin and her may stay together for awhile but it’s not gonna last. Lately the lack of respect that I’ve seen in Hollywood relationships is pathetic. I personally think if you’re not respected it’s time to say enough and goodbye.

  6. Ghetto_chick03 says:

    I think its about time for Justin to move on if Cameron gonna be a ho like that. I’d get mad too if my piece was all over some person I didn’t know.

  7. elissawynn2003 says:

    God, Justin should dump that slutty whore called Cameron Diaz! Cameron is a ugly old hag and should go live in the desert where no one goes. She’s a media whore and an attention seeking bitch. Cameron is using Justin for publicity. I just hope Justin realizes what she is doing before he gets hurt.

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