K-Fed Caught Flirting With Another Woman

Star magazine reports that Kevin Federline flirted with a pretty, dark-haired woman at Mood on October 19th, dancing with the woman and boldly told her, “You have beautiful breasts!”, according to a source. A friend of Kevin’s wife tells the tabloid she won’t be happy about the situation. “Britney’s had a hard enogh time already since Sean was born, battling the blues and arguing with Kevin,” the friend said. “Plus, she’s been working hard to get back in shape since Sean’s birth, so that she can keep Kevin’s wandering eyes on her. And she’s been doing a terrific job of recapturing her figure; Britney’s really dropped a lot of weight since Sean’s birth. But now, here comes word of Kevin flirting with some girl at Mood. The timing couldn’t be worse… I think it wcould be more than Britney can bear when she finds out.”

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