K-Fed Could Earn $5-7 Million With Britney Sex Tape

The New York Daily News examined how Kevin Federline could continue to cash in from his 2-year marriage to even after it ends, including the idea of distributing sex tapes or nude photos of the singer, if they exist. “If he got the rights and distribution, it could be huge. If he didn’t get the rights, it would be a black-market distribution deal. He could make $5-7 million,” said Phoenix-based agent David Hans Schmidt. Heightening the talk is a 19-second clip making the internet rounds featuring a woman looking remarkably like Britney performing oral sex on a man whose face isn’t shown has been making the online rounds.

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One thought on “K-Fed Could Earn $5-7 Million With Britney Sex Tape

  1. joey says:

    seems nice of kfed not putting out a Britney Spears sex tape… gotta think he has some given all their chaotic videotaping.

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