K-Fed Skips Son’s First Birthday

A spokeswoman for tells The New York Post that Kevin Federline’s son Kaleb celebrated his first birthday last Wednesday, but the special date “came and went without a visit, present or phone call from Kevin or .” Shar instead celebrated Kaleb’s big day with her and Federline’s 2-year-old daugher, Kori, and other family members.

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7 thoughts on “K-Fed Skips Son’s First Birthday

  1. Clara106 says:

    I guess Kevin is just far too busy playing video games and sitting on his ass all day. its fine that Kevin is with Britney now, and they are starting a family but, missing you child’s first birthday without even a phone call is just messed up. we all know he wasn’t busy doing anything else. what an ass.

  2. cinnut says:

    i guess there weren’t any paparazzi around to record the return of the father and step mother from hell!

  3. yelenerz says:

    Come on! Do u really believe this? I think its just Shar trying to gain a career. She knows if she mentions him or Britney then someone will remember who she is. Anyways those 2 spend a lot of times with the kids, well Kori, so I doubt that they will forget a b day.

  4. galleta says:

    That is unbelievable. I really hope that is not true. To miss your childs b-day is low. I know Kev and Hoe-ney are busy doing ….well pretty much nothing but whoring themselves to photograpers, couldn’t they take the time out to at least make a phone call. Watch now that this has gone public Hoe-ney will make some grand gesture to try to make hubby look good. And I bet the media will definitely be involved to record what ever is done cause Hoe-ney is gonna make sure she gets some tabloid space. Someone mentioned above that Shar is just trying to get attention for herself with this… that makes no sense when has Shar ever used her kids to get attention. Like any mother I’m sure it pains here to see that the father of her children don’t even repect the children enough to care to make a call how sad. Yea Hoe-ney is gonna make a great step mom.

    lol…yea I guess if a camara had been present they would have made a point to be’, ‘there. Maybe next time Shar should invite a mag to the event then for sure Hoe-ney and hubby will show up.

    You know no matter how many million dollar homes they have, or the fact that they fly in private lear jets, or the tons of expensive jewelry and clothers or the 12 cars they have. No matter how many things they have they are still such trailer trashy. It really is true money really doesn’t buy you classy. Although Hoe-ney seems sweet and many celebs like her, her roots are so low class. If they werent she would have not even looked at a man like Kevin. She settled for what she knows, shes staying true to her low class trailer roots and that is so sad. Hilary Swank two time Oscar winner always tells how she was born and raised in a trailer park, she admitts her family werent the best. But Hilary gained some class and decorum when she made money, she also married a man with goals, and his own life and class. Although his brother turned out to be a little s*****y there for awhile lol. Even though Hil married up, Britney married down its sad really. Money helped Hilary to better herself, money only helps Hoe-ney and her family accentuate thier low classness. Maybe Jaimelynn will bring some class to that clan. Cause Britney is just making them look lower and lower.

  5. FashionPrincess says:

    that’s only their business, and I bet there is way more to it, they just told what was “juicy” also it is the NY Post.

  6. Michelle13105 says:

    Did anyone really expect anything different from Kevin? He’s a piece of ***** who clearly only cares about himself. He made that clear when he cheated on is woman with Britney.

  7. krayziesaiko says:

    Thats HORRIBLE! to do that to a poor little innocent child! men who have kids and don’t take care of them should be castrated! seriously! that poor kid!

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