K-Fed’s Lawyer Argues Britney’s Missing Most Of Her Drug Test Requests

Kevin Federline’s lawyer Mark Kaplan argued in court on Thursday (November 8) that lives in a “parallel universe” and has not responded in a timely manner to 8 of 14 random drug test requests. “Mr. Federline doesn’t want to take these children out of their mother’s life, but what are we to do?” Kaplan said. Spears’ lawyer Anne Kiley argued that the singer frequently changes her phone number because it often falls into the wrong hands after Commissioner Scott Gordon said responding to a morning call wasn’t an extreme request. “But you’re not a pop star with a No. 1 album to promote,” Kiley told Gordon, perhaps not realizing the ‘Blackout’ opened at #2 and the singer’s only promotion so far for the realize was a cringeworthy call-in to Ryan Seacrest of KIIS FM. Kiley told reporters after the hearing, “Just because Ms. Spears is unable to return a call within one hour doesn’t reflect what kind of mother she is. It’s a nonsensical procedure. She could be in a movie or traveling. What matters is that she provides a sample within six hours and that she tests negative.” Read more.

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