Kaci Brown Defends Idea Of Dating AJ, Makes Hilary & Joel Comparison

posted more information about her rumored romance with soon to be 28-year-old star on her website’s forum earlier this evening. “There’s a thread in my forum just for AJ McLean. Definitely something to smile about ;p,” the 17-year-old writes. “Guys, please don’t be negative about something that doesn’t concern you personally. I’ve been a fan for as long as anyone else my age has been. *Go ahead, make age jokes* You have no solid proof of anything. And No, I’m not giving a solid answer. Everyone deserves to have respect from their fans/friends. If you don’t like me, but are crazy about AJ, respect him. It could be me, or any other girl. When he’s ready to tell the world who makes him happy, he will. Embrace the thought that he’s still single, unless you’re told by him otherwise. Oh wait, you were. I don’t mean to be rude, but every time I hear celebrity relationship gossip it seriously makes me sick. …. but point to be made, did anyone say that Joel [Madden] was a sick perv for dating Hilary [Duff]? A true fan of AJ’s, wouldn’t call him a sick perv for anything. p.s. thanks for everything Kev…. you make me laugh all the time.”

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