Kaci Brown Spends The New Year With Aaron Carter

Kaci Brown 'Instigator'

checked in with fans on her official web site’s message board on Thursday (January 4), responding to a fan’s question about how she celebrated the new year. “I definitely enjoyed it,” Brown responded. “Aaron [Carter] and I flew to Miami, drove to Orlando, and celebrated the new year at a steak house with his family. It was the first year I didn’t celebrate with my mommy. :-( I think we all caught a little cold, while in for Christmas. All in all, everything’s well. How did you guys ring in the new year?” Brown’s boyfriend Carter then posted a message later in the thread, which we’ve tried to clean grammatically, stating, “Alright just wanted to say what’s up to all of you guys. I know half of you probably don’t know me, buts it’s cool cause I’m a cool cat and eventually I will be known. To all of you, of course Kaci and I have been recording songs together left and right and there’s no reason to stop, I don’t think, but Kaci is getting more and more amazing everyday. All of you and anybody else should appreciate the message she is trying to get across, same as me. There are real ‘artists’ in the world and I’m going to be helping hopefully produce her and try some different things with the music side but? I am so in love with Kaci and anyone who thought a chance with her, I’m sorry but she is taken forever by me. I finally found the girl of my dreams. It’s cold here, I’m very inspired to write, and I will be recording and producing my album and I can’t wait for yall to experience the new year with us. Happy holidays birthdays and hanikas if I even spelt it right sorry not Jewish. Stay healthy and inspired… nothing in life will pass you by peace. ac”

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2 thoughts on “Kaci Brown Spends The New Year With Aaron Carter

  1. dawn says:

    too bad Aaron Carter and Kaci Brown never made it as a couple… she’s so pretty

  2. pearl says:

    I don’t like Kaci Brown to be Aaron’s girlfriend

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