Karl Lagerfeld On Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson

Karl Lagerfeld comments on celebrities in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar. The fashion icon said of Lindsay Lohan, “Shes somebody you want to protect, because she plays dangerously with her own life.” He called the 20-year-old “very touching as a person” and added, “She behaves like an over-grown-up person, and that’s what I like about her. It’s like she’s 45, but in fact, shes 20.” As for Jessica Simpson, Lagerfeld sniffed, “Ecch. I’m not that impressed. I’m not that interested. I’m not that impressed.”

How Jessica Simpson Lost 8 Pounds Fast

Jessica Simpson spoke with Us Weekly about how she lost 8 pounds in two weeks ahead of her Teen Choice Awards co-hosting gig. “I have been working out five days a week for two hours a day,” the 26-year-old told the tabloid. “There are no tricks. There is no easy way.”

Paris Hilton’s Manager Denies Hacking Charge

Elliot Mintz has responded to a report that SpoofCard.com is claiming his client Paris Hilton hacked into unauthorized voice mail boxes, and claimed that was a victim of the practice. “I’m saddened this happened to Lindsay,” Mintz tells TMZ.com. “I lived through this with Paris two years ago when her Sidekick was hacked into, and the loss of privacy is unbearable. But as for any suggestion that Paris would have anything to do with this, that is silly, untrue and unfortunate.”

Lohan On Her Best Behavior At ‘Georgia Rule’ Wrap Party

was videotaped exiting the ‘Georgia Rule’ wrap party at Spider in Hollywood, California. The 20-year-old signed autographs, smiled, and exchanged friendly words with Celebrities.com’s Henry Trappler. Lulop.com has since removed the video.

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