Kate Alexa Writes & Records ‘H20 just add water’ Soundtrack

Australian pop singer checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Monday (July 16) with the following message:

Hey Everyone,
How are you all going? I am so sorry I have not been on here for ages as I have not been able to log into my account for so long as something went wrong but it is all fixed now THANK GOD! Well I have some really exciting news to tell you guys all about! I got asked to write and record the soundtrack for a TV show named ‘H20 just add water’, so I have written 12 brand new songs for the show and have also used two of my songs from ‘Broken & Beautiful’! The TV show which is on Channel 10 here, and also repeated on Nickelodeon, is also shown in 100 hundred countries around the world which is amazing and very very exciting for me. The new season of the show starts at the end of September. So basically I have a song on the show in every episode and I have recorded the TV show’s theme song! It’s a great show and I am so happy to be involved with it! The soundtrack I have done is getting released here in which is great news I am so looking forward to it, and I will definitely be doing some shows around that time! Apart from getting all of that together I have also been writing songs for my new album which is going really well and I cant wait to have it finished, hopefully by early next year! Well I hope everyone is really really well and I will post some new songs up soon!

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2 thoughts on “Kate Alexa Writes & Records ‘H20 just add water’ Soundtrack

  1. mali says:

    Hi Kate I Mali and I from Israel I like her your music and also I like H2O but I have a problem. You have a beautiful song and I don’t know his name . the song from H2O…. thanks a lot! :)

  2. Mike Congdon says:

    G’day mate, hey, how are you doing? My girlfriend Rikki and I want to start a band, but we are having some trouble with the name of it. We have several names, but Kate, we were wondering if you could help us pick a name for our band, here are the names we came up with, we just don’t know which one to use, can you help?
    Here are the names:
    The Rebels
    Rebel Rowsers
    Rebel Life
    Tears Of A Rebel
    Rebel Eyes

    Thanks so much Kate. We are currently writing a song which we are gonna post here when it is finished. Can’t wait till new songs of yours are put out, we love your music. Anyways.

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