Kate Hall Recording New Material With Uwe Fahrenkrog Petersen

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@katehallmusic) on Friday (January 16). The Danish singer tells readers:

My dearest girls and boys, I am really sorry that you haven’t heard from me for so long!!! Hope you all had a wonderful peaceful Christmas :-) not to forget a joyful New Year’s Eve… ;-) I know by reading you’re comments that you’ve missed a living sign from me, I am SO SO sorry, that I have hurt some of you by not writing for a while, that was NEVER my intention, time flies, and I’ve been living on another planet the last month. (preparing my record…) Not good, I know, but now I am back, and I take you’re words very serious!!! Hope you can forgive this stupid mistake… You, my fans, mean so so much to me, and I am so GRATEFUL for you’re honesty!!! Please don’t be mad at me, I am still here :-) so now a little update I was lying in bed over Christmas, had a bad flu and couldn’t do anything else then to stay quiet and sleep… ahhh it was not so much fun …. but but but, I got better, thank god, and can now finally continue my record recordings, because of this little flu we lost two weeks, and well, we feel that now getting close to deadline… ;-) It’s so exciting, I have a new great producer, Uwe Fahrenkrog Petersen, a huge talent, its such a pleasure for me to work with him!!! We are recording songs that I have written a while ago, but also new material… it’s so exciting :-) hope you guys will like it. Well my dearest, I send you all lots of love and huge hugs take care, I’ll write soon again :-) Kate Hall

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