Kate Nash Blogs On Whirlwind 3 Months

checked in with her MySpace friends (@katenashmusic) on Tuesday (March 11) with the following bulletin:

I’ve just got back from tour. Last night I played Hammersmith Apollo which I can’t quite believe. So much has happened in the past 3 months that it’s difficult to get my head around and there’s been absolutely no time to sit down and attempt to do that. Thanks so much for the Brit and NME award and also for coming on tour and making it so much fun! I’ve got lots of pictures to put up, and I’m actually going to be at home for a change for the next couple of days so I’ll have time to do a blog! I’m going to bed now as I’m shattered.


p.s I think someone hacked into this account so if you got anything funny from me I apologize.

p.p.s I really appreciate all the messages and comments you guys are sending. The support I get from all of you really keeps me going.

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